Hillary Clinton is running a shadow campaign: Change My Mind

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by muy_libre

Let me clarify:

I’ve been laughing off people saying Hillary is going to replace Joe Biden and join the race last minute. I’m still not completely convinced. However, as we get closer to November, she’s becoming more and more visible as Biden largely stays locked in the basement…

I think there’s a good chance that Biden picks her as VP and then he either A) drops out of the race and she replaces him or B) He resigns if elected (fat chance after the debates) or C) some other undetermined and corrupt method of getting her in the race

This way, supposedly “harmless” Joe Biden stays the focus of the race, Hillary gets zero scrutiny for 90% of the race, the Fake News Industrial Complex throttles the fake polls and fake news to demoralize conservatives and make moderates/undecided/independents look elsewhere, and then … BOOM swap Hillary Clinton in before anyone has the chance to really evaluate what just happened.

Seems plausible to me. Thoughts?? Criticize my theory all you want! I wanna hear everyone’s opinions.

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