Hillary Clinton spreads Kamala Harris’ fake news

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From Reason:

In recent weeks, prominent Democrats have cheered the banning of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from social platforms and have floated proposals for regulating the dissemination of foreign ads and “fake news.” At the same time, they have gleefully spread conspiracy theories and falsehoods about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The latest lunacy comes courtesy of none other than Hillary Clinton, who today tweeted out talking points popularized by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)—talking points that mainstream and nonpartisan factcheckers have labeled false.

Harris had shared a video clip in which Kavanaugh appears to refer to birth control pills as “abortion-inducing drugs.” The video was edited to elide the part that makes it clear that Kavanaugh was not expressing his own views but was describing the position taken by the plaintiffs in a case he had ruled on. Harris—and now Clinton—used this as supposed evidence that Kavanaugh is a zealot who wants to ban birth control.

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Kavanaugh’s own words on the issue not only include no such indication but also recognize a “compelling interest” in ensuring access to birth control. Kavanaugh has also written that while society should accomodate religious objections to participating in the provision of contraception, those religious beliefs could not be used to justify restricting the actions of others.

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“The Government may of course continue to require the religious organizations’ insurers to provide contraceptive coverage to the religious organizations’ employees, even if the religious organizations object,” wrote Kavanaugh. “As Judge Flaum correctly explained, [federal religious freedom law] ‘does not authorize religious organizations to dictate the independent actions of third-parties, even if the organization sincerely disagrees with them.’”

Yet no amount of plain evidence can counter the “dog whistles” that Democrats think (or pretend to think) they’re hearing…

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