Hillary Clinton State Department emails CONFIRM UNEQUIVOCALLY that she was involved in DIRECT lobbying efforts through a third party in Ukraine.

This Wikileaks Document detailing a Turkish “Backdoor Diplomacy” Project titled “Turkish Blood Release” mentions Manafort/McCain Crony Charlie Black by name – as well as Hillary Clinton.
WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: It provides a common link between overseas lobbyists, “Backdoor diplomacy” and the Clinton Campaign.

? WikiLeaks #BeratsBox proves Turkey processed ISIS oil




Fwd: interview request
From: jonathan@gmail.com To: danismaz@gmail.com Date: 2016-06-06 21:40 Subject: Fwd: interview request
Who is this guy, did you hear? >> Date: June 6, 2016 21:35:51 GMT + 3 >> To: abdulhamitgul @ hotmail From: Ihsan Aktas ihsanaktas@gmail.com >> Date: 6 June 2016 21:35:51 GMT + 3 >> To: .com >> Subject: Interview request >> Mustafa I would like to thank you for the file greetings I sent to Varank >> Mustafa bey merhaba >> >> There was a project we prepared together with Bülent Yavuz byle who was living in the USA and managing the Lobby institutions about a year ago. BACK DOOR, a new trend in lobbying, was about diplomacy. In the USA, the most important people who want to make contact with the campaign team who conducts the Clintons’ campaign are Bülent Bey Beyendendi. These people may carry out the lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey after this meeting. >> >> Bülent bey is a person who believes in Turkey and new Turkey I have met with him for two years before seven juniors election to the group of sttateji >>> present the new technology planning revolution >> >> in the file you can see some names that should be seen in regards to respects ihsan akta? >> >> Additional area



In today’s international relations, the defense of national interests is far ahead of classical diplomacy methods such as declarations, diplomatic initiatives and diplomatic memoranda. There has been a turning point that states are now obliged to develop policies aimed not only at other governments or international organizations, but also at foreign public chambers. In today’s world, knowledge, culture and communication have become key words in the diploma. Public diplomacy has become one of the indispensable elements of foreign policy with the importance of the ability to influence the public and the agenda in the international system, which has been restructured through communication and information revolutions. Today, many governments are conducting active public diplomacy efforts to create a positive image in the eyes of foreign public officials. Given national interests and objectives, this field is a field that Turkey can not ignore in any way.
Public diplomacy is simply that a government tries to influence the people of another nation and its intellectuals in order to bring their politics to their advantage.
If a country does not control its own perception and reputation, reputation is progressed by its natural rhythm, being managed by others. The inadequacy of public diplomacy is blocking foreign policy, especially the European Union, in front of Turkey in the accession process. Turkey is experiencing problems by telling itself to the world, which leads to a negative image of Turkey.
Having the important soft power sources in hand, Turkey should surely give importance to public diplomacy and accelerate its work in this field. Today, public diplomacy, one of the most important means of influencing and guiding the international community, is one of the most effective means of defending the interests of an country, providing legitimacy and creating public opinion. In the globalized world of communication, it is natural for every country to try to make the best use of this vehicle. Turkey, which can not express itself well, is perceived wrongly and has prejudices about it, should not ignore this new diplomacy area and evaluate soft power sources that it has.


Major lobbying in the United States, we have had meetings with organizations, and lobbying in the United States has often caused blockages in activities that embassies have carried out. It has been mentioned that it would be more appropriate for the Turkish side to have a company organization to constantly hold meetings with US partners in Washington and carry out the processes.
It is proposed here that a team is formed by a company experienced in lobbying
Many famous figures who are influential on US politics have stated that they can take part in such an event.
Our Team and Project Partners
Ihsan Aktas
Bülent Yavuz
He is chairman and CEO of SiVa CleanTech LLC. Dr. Yavuz has managed a new business development department at Engelhard Corporation, one of the Fortune 500 companies and later bought by BASF, and today has established many global business lines reaching a total of $ 250 million turnover in the year. He served as vice chairman in the Silicon Valley for seven years from the establishment of the Nanostellar company to the sale of the company (exit). The WEF (Davos) has shown Nanostellar among the small companies that can shape the 21st century. Yavuz, later called by the Time magazine as the Master of the Message, including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair. Michael Bloomberg and Narendra Modi on over forty worlds
He has been Senior Vice President at the Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) company, where he is elected the leader, and he is currently the consulting staff of this group.
Dr.Yavuz, a physics engineer from Penn State who has graduated from METU metallurgical engineering and went to Fulbright Scholarship in the US, has nearly nine patents of US origin and the zeolite based diesel catalyst he invented is used in all developed diesel vehicles today. David McFarland has been nominated twice for his contributions to the science of material engineering.
Craig T. Smith
It is known that the President of the United States is the first person to invite Bill Clinton to work in the White House cadre a few minutes after the election of his election. Bill Clinton, governor of the state of Arkansas governed the employment policy, the state gave the fastest increase in labor in America.
During Clinton’s eight-year term, he held several senior posts in the White House, including the Political Affairs Directorate. Al Gore’s George W.
Campaign assistant director during the presidential election against Bush; and
The Democratic Party took charge of the Political Affairs. Hillary Clinton’s senior adviser has established and is currently managing the “Hillary for America” ??Super Pac campaign to support his 2016 candidacy.
As of June 2015, he has printed a record number of 4 million election campaign volunteers and supporters. It is known that Clinton is one of the closest people of his family. Graduated from Arkansas Law School and served as Senior Advisor and Strategy Specialist for presidential and prime minister candidates in election campaigns in 4 continents and 45 countries.
He made. He is working as a project partner with CTS company SiVa, which is the founder.
Matt Carter
He was the General Secretary of the British Labor Party. During this period Tony Blair was the top executive of the 2005 election campaign, which was the third time that he was elected prime minister. For eight years, the Labor Party’s election campaigns and
Determination of their strategies was effective in the leading position. He runs the Arab Youth Research, which is research that keeps the pulse of the Arab youth all the best around the world and repeats every year. Burson was CEO of Marsteller UK. In 2013, he has established a project partnership with Siva, the consultancy company of Message House. Matt Carter, a political practitioner from York University, is the author of two books and several articles.
Scott Pastrick
Managing Director of the Democratic Party Treasury; The party is the most influential fundraiser person; Hillary Clinton’s close cadre; PPG CEO
Gardner Peckham
White House National Security Council Republican wing advisor
Jay Leveton
Bill Clinton Chairman’s Period personal survey coordinator; PSB CEO; SiVa PSB provides strategic consulting services.
Hilary Rosen
Managing director of the most successful PR group of the year 2015; Hillary Clinton’s closest strategists and personal friends
Anita Dunn
President is one of the four main advisors who won Obama 2008 presidential election. White House Communications Directorate.
Charlie Black
The strategist of the Republican Party; Campaign manager during John McCain’s presidential nomination; PPG Chairman of the Board
John Tanner
Leader of the Blue Dog Democrats in the US Congress; Former President of the Congress External Relations Commission
Mark Penn
In 1996, Clinton was chosen by the TIME magazine as the Master of the Message, with a strategy developed during the second term election. Founder of Penn Schoen Berland; then worked for Microsoft as Chief Marketing Officer. As of 2015, Microsoft is managing a $ 250 million PE fund with its former CEO, Steve Ballmer.
The United States is one of the countries where effective lobbying is carried out in order to protect the international interests of different countries and even organizations. Public diplomacy activities in the USA can mainly consist of the following feet.
Establishing the necessary lobbying for effective lobbying of Turks residing in America and making their activities sustainable. Steps can be taken to enhance the ability of people to share their ideals in the interests of the country and to enhance their ability to act in an organized manner and to strengthen their information access, strategic dominance and technical capacity.
Methods can be identified and implemented to develop close ties with American, opinion leaders, politicians, university and media circles and to ensure that our country obtains accurate information about its policies.
Such a structuring will draw a profile that also pertains to American interests, in which public diplomacy activities in this area should be governed by a system.
In order to carry out the long-term studies of the TURKISH BLOOD RELEASE PROJECT in the USA, it is possible to establish and manage the core structures within the US legal system.
The US-centered public diplomacy strategy will be prepared in cooperation with GENAR and PENN SCHOEN BERLAND (PSB) (PAST PARTNERSHIP STRUCTURED IN THE TIME AND THROUGH THE MANAGERS TO MORE POWERFUL COMPANIES). PSB will be able to set up consortia according to their needs from their partners. Crisis management, diplomatic and political relations, social media management can be partnered with PSB holding company’s subsidiaries.

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