Hillary Clinton Still Can't Comprehend Her Devastating Loss to Donald Trump

by Robert Carbery

Hillary Clinton is still in denial over her loss to Donald Trump in last November’s election.
The former Democratic presidential nominee spoke during a recent interview on CNN, explaining why she thinks she lost.
She’s still blaming it on FBI Director Jim Comey’s “meddling.”
“I was on the way to winning before Jim Comey’s letter and ‘Russian’ Wikileaks… scared off late voters,” Clinton claimed. While Comey’s injections into the campaign were confounding at times, he was hardly to blame for your inability to take Trump seriously. And Wikileaks had to do the job that the media would not — report the truth. Time and time again, this political animal blames everyone but herself for her brutal loss to the Donald.
It was the FBI’s fault. It was the Russians’ doing! It couldn’t possibly have been the fact that no one trusted you (or your husband), you were a terrible political candidate, and Americans are increasingly not trusting your party in general.
Clinton was not on her way to winning. She was living in her own little bubble. Oblivious to her many faults. Her statistics-obsessed aides said she had a lock on the Electoral College. The campaign ignored former President Bill Clinton’s calls to take Mr. Trump seriously, especially after the successful populist revolt in Great Britain following the vote to leave the European Union.
Democratic strategists have figured out that Hillary lost the 2016 election because her base simply didn’t turn out. This is only part of the case but not the underlying reason Clinton lost. Few could foresee the flipping of a few significant Midwestern states that tilted the election in the Republicans’ favor due to many looking for something different in DC for once.
Sorry, Democrats, you simply nominated the wrong candidate. Bernie Sanders would have been a much more formidable opponent to Trump. But he was denied the opportunity by the ruling Democratic Party elite. In the process, we found out that the Democratic Party is not only colluding with the mainstream media, but is also a rigged organization that favors candidates such as Clinton over outsiders like Sanders.
The facts are clear to see.
As The Washington Post’s most recent poll shows, two-thirds of Americans view the Democrats as out of touch. This number includes nearly half of Democrats themselves! You didn’t hear that much in your major media outlets did you?
Instead, the media paints Trump as a maniac and the Republican Party as the ones who are out of touch. Yet, the truth remains that the Democratic Party, in their bubbles on the coasts, clustered in major cities but not the large swaths in between, are the ones who are out of touch. That is why the Republicans currently own the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. For now.
Hillary Clinton simply took for granted the middle class votes in blue collar states such as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. She assumed she had it in the bag. She surrounded herself with so much misinformation that she and the rest of the country believed that she would be the next president.

And yet, as very fake news CNN reported, former Vice President Joe Biden suggested that the former secretary of state failed to talk to middle-class voters. Speak, Joe! Tell ‘em.
Instead of reaching out to the voters she needed to throughout the Rust Belt, Hillary Clinton called half the nation “deplorable” and beyond help, ignoring the very real needs of this overlooked segment of society, ensuring her fate last November. Instead of giving Americans a reason to vote for her, she focused on why Donald Trump should not be president.
What reason did you have to vote for Clinton last fall?

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7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Still Can't Comprehend Her Devastating Loss to Donald Trump

  1. Self-grandiosement + self-delusion = failure. Not to mention the massive incompetence and unprosecuted criminal activities.
    Besides, the smell of spirit cooking wafting out of the White House doesn’t paint a great culinary example…of menu or policy options!

  2. She should let Sleeping Dogs Lie,
    But instead, (and sadly for Hillary),
    Death will be the only limiting factor
    stopping her from wallowing in the fact
    That She Was a Loser.

  3. What the democrats did to Bernie WAS deplorable.
    Wikileaks just shined a light on the corruption the main stream media refused to report.
    The media lost the election, along with their lap dog the democrat party.

  4. But but I did everything for years like they told me to do and they promised that everything was rigged for me to win.

  5. The DNC rigged the primary so the establishments candidate would win over the people’s candidate. Why on earth would they think this was a good idea? They were more worried that Bernie would give America back to the people than they were about Trump. Rich people suck.

  6. It is my belief that people voted by staying home. Her egomania will eventually destroy the Left politically. She, it, has major character flaws. First among them being a total lack of character.

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