Republican Leaders Might Actually Be Utterly Incompetent

By Gabrielle Seunagal
It appears that GOP leaders might actually be completely unfit to be calling the shots in Washington. Everyone in America knows that the Republican Party has control of the White House, the Senate, and House of Representatives, yet there is still serious talk about an impending government shutdown. Earlier today, President Trump tweeted that America needed a “good shutdown” to fix the ailments in Washington. The people of this nation are considerably frustrated by the gridlock and inability of Republicans to make progress with matters like healthcare, the spending bill, tax reform, etc. Placing the blame on Democrats won’t work when Republicans have majority control.


A government shutdown is disgraceful and represents utter failure in Washington. The current events do not cast Republicans in the strongest or most favorable light. If Democrats had control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, they would be passing all kinds of policies. There wouldn’t be any gridlock. Republicans have blamed Democrats for the failures in Washington for years, but now that they have the power, they are unable to get anything done. It is utterly deplorable and they all should be ashamed of themselves. Republicans look weak and ineffective.

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Republicans in Washington need to work together and start making some serious progress. A good start would be repealing and replacing Obamacare like they vowed to do. Additionally, House and Senate Republicans should get the President’s tax reform policies passed. They will have a tremendous impact on working families and the economy. If a government shutdown occurs, it will serve as a serious political blow to Republicans and could affect the outcome of elections for years to come. It is high time for the GOP to get it together.


7 thoughts on “Republican Leaders Might Actually Be Utterly Incompetent”

  1. Incompetent, or rather malicious?
    I don’t think they’re incompetent. The likes of McCain, Graham, Cheney… are surely intelligent (look at what they can get away with without ever getting caught up in anything). They’re just not acting in the interest of the people. They’re acting in the interest of their own pockets.
    Corruption is not just one party’s problem. They’re both just about equally corrupt.
    Notice how they always “compromise” by picking the worst of both worlds. Democrats campaign on wanting to cut war expenditures, but quickly shut up about that because funding Planned Murderhood is far more important. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to campaign on cutting expenses and defunding Planned Murderhood, but quickly throw that under the bus in favor of increasing war spending.
    No matter which of those 2 wings of the war/banker mafia party wins, We The People and the world at large lose.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Ryan, McConnell, McCain and Miss Lindsey are in it for themselves and don’t care any more about the future of the country than Pelosi and Schumer.

      • You are right, and that crowd is determined to make sure the wall is never built. Something has to change. Ryan should have been gone long a go.

  2. They are by no means incompetent; they are blackmailed and blood-oathed into appearing to be incompetent, and then proceed to compromise themselves, their constituency, and their office!
    Left wing, right wing; both wings are attached to the same dirty, illuminati/masonic Phoenix bird!!!
    When one looks at the video “Riddle in the Stone’, that fully explains who these flesh-based reptilians really are.

  3. I think the republicans have been in a vacuum for so long, and just accepted 2nd place, they haven’t developed any strong leaders in Congress. Who was Ryan’s mentor, Boehner, exactly. Who was McConnell’s mentor, Harry Reid? The last republican was Newt and McConnell surely isn’t a Newt. So, the party can only blame itself. What we are seeing today isn’t just the lack of leadership, we’re seeing first hand the lack of knowing what and how to do it!


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