Hillary Clinton TRIES TO BRIBE Trey Gowdy & Corruption Grows in D.C.

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by Thinker


ITS JAIL TIME!!! Hillary Clinton COLLAPSES When Seeing This

Using positions of power for personal gain and control is something most Americans are tired of. The Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy has opened the doors of corruption in Washington D.C. and they conspirators have come from almost every department on the Hill. How many have taken bribes that the thought Gowdy would just follow suit? How many people in Washington D.C. have blood money in their banks from payoffs to back off or be quiet?

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When your doing the right thing, you don’t have to pay someone to look the other way. If your taking money for crimes committed, you might as well have committed the crime yourself. Look up! Your Creator is watching everything you do and say and your time will come and you will have to answer one day.

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Do you feel good about what you do?

Would you want others to treat you as you treat them?

Integrity – is there any left in Washington D.C.?



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