Hillary Clinton’s disastrous decades long record of corruption and warmongering


Hillary is a Neocon warmongering fascist who wants to hand Syria over to al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, and provoke war with Iran, Russia and China.

Hillary has a decades long record (starting when Bill was Governor of Arkansas) of being totally corrupt and in the pockets of Wall Street, multinationals, arms dealers, foreign governments, special interests, and operating various money laundering and criminal or fraudulent schemes.

Hillary has a disastrous Foreign Policy record of voting for the 2003 Iraq invasion and promoting the obvious Bush/Cheney blatant lies, arming terrorists in Libya and turning it into a failed state for ISIS, arming al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria who split to become ISIS and al-Nusra, and promoting Neocon Fascist, former Dick Cheney personal advisor, Victoria Nuland to Deputy Sec of State for Europe (who engineered the 2014 coup in Ukraine to start the civil war).

Just like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Hillary has never seen a war she didn’t like.

The Libya and Syria wars which Hillary was instrumental in starting have so far cost the lives of around 500,000 people. They have also recruited over 100,000 more al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.
Hillary and Bill are also responsible for the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children from sanctions, while Bill was President.

Hillary is clearly a psychopath who laughed about Gaddafi being sodomized with a bayonet / machete as he was murdered

and laughing about getting a pedophile who viciously raped a 12 year child, off with time served on a technicality.

It is also thought that Hillary urged Bill to carry out the massacre at Waco, Texas when Bill was President. 76 people including 21 children were killed.

Hillary (and Bill) have a disastrous domestic policy record which includes selling out America with NAFTA, repealing Glass-Steagall to allow the big banks to run riot, militarizing the Police, promoting Mass Incarceration for the Private Prison industry, negotiating and selling TPP for 4 years while Sec of State and now trying to deny that she supports it.

The 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed the concentration of 90% of American media assets into the hands of just 6 mega Corporations – thus ensuring the newsflow has an overwhelming Establishment and Corporate bias with no significant dissent or alternative views allowed to be aired.

The crimes of the American government are simply not aired and the endemic corruption within Washington DC is covered up.

It also helped make Rupert Murdoch rich (he’s a Clinton donor).

Hillary set up a private email server to evade FOIA requests to hide her shady business dealings while Sec of State, which put National Security and American lives at risk (which was treason).
The FBI (James Comey) categorically stated that Hillary was guilty as hell and if it was anyone but a Clinton, they would have been indicted and thrown into jail for several years.

Hillary Clinton is also also guilty of Treason for giving support to America’s enemies, namely arming al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Libya and Syria.

I could go on, but I’ll conclude up with some final thoughts.

The Neocon Corporatist media are desperately trying to label Trump as a Fascist while the evidence clearly shows that Hillary is far more like Hitler and Mussolini than Trump – both for her warmongering and for her crony Corporatism.

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The Neocon Corporatist media are also desperately trying to portray Trump as a racist, when the evidence strongly suggests it is Hillary who is the racist (see also Bill’s Mass Incarceration policies).
Do your own research on this and decide for yourself instead of Corporate media telling you what to think.

The media have a very long track record of presenting as “fact”what is actually the opposite of the truth and of transposing the worst crimes or traits of the people they want the public to support, onto the people they want the public to hate.

A good example of this would be by portraying America as “The Shining Beacon of Light on the Hill” while conducting a completely amoral Foreign Policy for crony corporate profit and control, including the propping up of several barbaric medieval Wahhabi despots in the Middle East who fund ISIS, oppress their own people, abuse women’s rights and execute gays.

Some examples:-

Reagan urged Saddam to invade Iran and supplied the chemical weapons that Saddam used to gas the Iranians in the 1980’s Iraq-Iran war (the unusable degraded remnants of which GW Bush later used as the pretext for the 2003 invasion).

Scheming to get Saddam to invade Kuwait in 1990 under HW Bush and lying that the US would give the Kurds support if they rose up after the 1991 first Gulf War, which got about 20,000 Kurds gassed by Saddam.

Causing the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions under Bill Clinton.
Breaking up Yugoslavia by instigating or exacerbating the “civil” war using Muslim proxies, in order to facilitate Telecoms contracts and drug trafficking routes into Europe.

Killing 1 million Iraqis under Bush/Cheney as the direct result of the 2003 invasion.
Iraqi children are still dying today from increased birth defect rates and various cancers resulting from the large scale use of depleted uranium (e.g. in Fallujah).

Causing the deaths of 400,000 people so far by starting wars and arming terrorist proxies in Libya and Syria under Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Must read article:- Virginia State Senator Richard Black on the origins of the War in Syria

US General Michael Flynn (Ret) & Former Head (until mid 2014) of the Pentagon’s intelligence agency – the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)
ISIS was deliberately armed and funded by Obama & Hillary Clinton

N.B. Rupert Murdoch, Bill Kristol, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Robert Kagan (PNAC Neocon founder) Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, arms companies, drugs companies, Monsanto and the Rothschilds, all prefer Neocon Globalist Fascist Shillary over Trump.

Rothschilds host $100,000 a plate fundraiser for Hillary

The above article has an excellent video on who Hillary really represents

More information on Hillary:-

Hillary Clinton: I’m running for Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, Soros, Rothschild & Monsanto



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