Historic Thwaites Brewery Invaded by 100 “travellers”

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Historic brewery in Blackburn England was invaded and destroyed by 100 “travellers” (gypsies?). Damages estimated at £100k. Surprisingly, no arrests made yet. Wow!

Historic Thwaites Brewery is forced to throw away 1,700 pints of beer after 100 travellers invade with 21 caravans then ‘evict’ staff and turn site into ‘a disgusting mess’

Employees at the Blackburn plant were stunned to find it taken over with 21 caravans and 25 vehicles, as the trespassers set up camp in their workplace

‘Aggressive stand-off’ between firm and travellers resulted in police being called

The travellers forced their way in to the family-run business around 8pm on Saturday and Thwaites bosses said the site has become ‘a disgusting mess’



Travellers leave ‘£100k mess’ at Thwaites Brewery, Blackburn

The travellers, who arrived with more than 20 caravans and 25 vehicles, caused “massive destruction” forcing a second entrance to the site as well as setting off fire extinguishers, it added.

Following intervention from police and with “co-operation from those on site”, the travellers departed late on Monday, said Lancashire Constabulary.

No arrests were made but the force said it had been made aware of concerns regarding alleged criminality and is investigating any offences committed.

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I cannot wrap my head around all that damage and not a single arrest!!? UK police are freaking worthless as they are “made aware of concerns regarding alleged criminality”


Stumbled across this YouTube video, apparently they are indeed quite wealthy and are buying up properties in a town in Limerick (Rathkeale). Crazy, they board up these homes and live in their caravans. What a shame all these properties are boarded up, makes the town look like a dump. Really weird group of people you all got going on there:

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