History Of Ancient Rome In 20 Minutes

by Jim Quinn

There has been much discussion of Rome here over the years, and quite an increase in recent weeks. It  seems everyone is an expert here. Nevertheless, (for those who do not know everything about everything) here is a highly informative, visually pleasing,  and fast moving “history class”. If you don’t watch it today, I urge you to bookmark it for another day.  The similarities of Rome — it’s rise and demise — with the United States of America is truly remarkable.  Please … enjoy.


BONUS VIDEO!   Much talk also recently about the state of America’s military …. specifically, the pussification thereof.  Here’s a pretty cool ten minute video about the Roman Military … the folks who made vast conquests possible.  Bottom line; they didn’t f*ck around! (Somebody, please send this to that gay-loving U.S. Secretary of Defense, whatever his name is.)

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