HMM: The Democrats’ Growing Threat of a Third-Party Run. “So many candidates, so many left-wing demands, someone is bound to take the Independent route.”

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via spectator:

While a moderate Democrat threat is unlikely, with so few in the field, it is not out of the question. Four years ago, moderate Democrats still controlled the Party. They are still a group Democrats cannot afford to lose.

According to 2016 exit polling, Clinton received 52 percent of moderate votes. Presumably, many are still long-time Democrats. Once Bullock or Delaney drops out (and currently Real Clear Politics’ average of national polling has them at a combined 1.4 percent in the primary field), they could be a moderate landing space.

The Democrats’ far bigger Independent threat comes from their burgeoning left. According to Real Clear Politics’ latest national polling average, 59.9 percent of Democrats are currently supporting candidates on the left. For comparison, Sanders received just 43.2 percent of Democrat votes in 2016.

Such rapid expansion raises increased expectations. The Democrats’ crowded and competitive left-centric field will only stoke these. Inevitably, all will not be realized — particularly as the nominee tries to pivot to the center in the general election. This could open the door to any of many left candidates and supporters left out.

Wouldn’t that be nice?



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