Hold Onto Your Cash Preserver! Prof. Edward Altman’s Z Bankruptcy Model Sees Chapter 11 Tsunami Inbound

“mega bankruptcies” right out of the article. “insolvency risk”, “inevitable reckoning”, and so many other quotes. All so important to understand why. Why is this happening? Why would the stock market rise if things weren’t doing so well? Why would Powell and Munchkin lie to me if they would be in trouble if they did, wouldn’t they?… Everything we need to know is publicly available. Sure, there’s much more to it. But even with just public information there’s enough to go on to realize this is madness. But people won’t look. They will criticize you and I. They will hate me. They will never know the truth.

We have entered a very interesting timeframe in which, reality doesn’t matter, but in reality it does. Does that make sense? Of course not. But that’s what we have to deal with. The tsunami of bankruptcies and failures of all kinds are not only being warned of, but have already been showing up. Nobody seems to care because the market is so hot. Jim Cramer says all we need to get us through until the end of the year when the magicians will supposedly have the fix for this crisis of 2020, is to print more money and increase deficit spending. Wow. What a load of garbage on all fronts.


NYU’s Edward Altman Z-Score Founder Sees Bankruptcy Surge – Bloomberg


Nasdaq ‘fear gauge’ flashes warning signs about technology rally – BNN Bloomberg

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