Hollywood is the Left’s Propaganda Wing

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by Mark Angelides

Does watching a movie nowadays leave you with the feeling that you’ve just been preached to? Quite likely it’s because you have. The whole Hollywood industry has abandoned its primary cause of entertainment and moved into the field of social conditioning. And the agenda is not in our interests; it’s in the interests of the big corporations and the liberal elites.
Consider one example: Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 blockbuster Elysium. The human race lives in two divided societies, one in the space station Elysium, where all is clean and diseases are miraculously cured, and the other on the poor, polluted planet Earth populated by the unfortunate (and mostly Spanish speaking) left-behinds. The film invites us to make the parallel between the US and Mexican border issues.
It is no surprise that the movie was released to coincide with an unprecedented rise in illegal immigration and new laws to make this acceptable. Senate Immigration Bill S.744 sought to provide amnesty for more than one million illegal aliens. Also in 2013, lawmakers in 45 states and the District of Columbia enacted 184 laws and 253 resolutions all related to immigration with majority aiming to make life easier for those who entered the country illegally.
And this is by no means the only example of a Hollywood movie being made and released to coincide with political reforms. Some are subtle and some are outright propaganda.
The fact that movies can influence people’s ideas is not a new one, but a recent study shows just how much influence they can have.  The study finds that “popular movies possess the ability to change political attitudes, especially on issues that are unframed by the media. Furthermore, we show such influence persists over time and is not moderated by partisanship, ideology, or political knowledge.”
Making movies that not only young, impressionable minds will see, but also older movie goers watch, is well known to be a tool for propaganda. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. And pretty much every other bad guy you can think of in recent history did it. This is no secret, so why do we hear so little about it in the MSM?
Perhaps the first step in unraveling the links between corporate globalism and your children’s minds is to look at the money trail. Consider Goldman Sachs’ billions of dollars invested in movie companies. Consider that Wall Street banking firms are buying up studios at a never before seen rate. And last, but certainly not least, consider that George Soros has major ties with more than 30 media companies and share holdings in many more. Mr. Soros does not take his investments lightly, when he invests, he wants control: from his mouth to your ear.

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  1. The illusion of left and right is the pillar of the American deception. Up and down would be a better representation.

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