Homelessness In NYC Is Out Of Control

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Walking through Manhattan these days, one must take care not to trip over the multitudes of homeless living in the streets.

This particular lady’s story broke my heart. “I did everything right,” she told me, but circumstances left her with no safety net and she fell through the cracks.

I gave her a measly $3 and it meant the world to her. Where are the Democrats? This is THEIR city, obviously, a Liberal “utopia,” so why are there so many people left with nothing but the nasty rags on their backs?

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Did I mention her story broke my heart? Yeah, I shed a few, right there in front of God and everybody standing outside of Macy’s.

So what?

In the morning I asked a city employee what to do about all of the homeless in Manhattan. He told me,” We just step around them.”

That evening I found out he wasn’t kidding.


h/t Bobby Powell

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