“Homeschooling isn’t an “experiment” People were learning at home for thousands of years. Factory schooling is the experiment. And that experiment is in trouble.”

Famed media theorist Marshall McLuhan summarized the modern education system thusly: (paraphrased)

Prior to the industrial revolution, life was ‘organic’. You rose with the sun, did chores (98% of people worked in agriculture), ate when you were hungry, did more work, maybe played a bit, went to bed when the sun went down.

After the industrial revolution, life now moved to the music of the machines. Children had to be taken from their organic lives, and be taught the new mechanistic mores. The public school exactly mimiced the new factories: you sit down at a bell, you get up at a bell, you eat at a bell, you go back to work at a bell, you go home at a bell. The ‘education’ the child had to receive was that their natural lives were gone; now they had to submit to bells. If you think of the modern school system as designed to turn out obedient working stiffs, you’re not far wrong.

That’s also why public schools hate students who question the authorities. They make for bad workers.

h/t FrankDrakman


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