Hong Kong: What is in Beijing’s proposed law? – BBC News(The End of Hong Kong) (China makes a huge move to squash citizens)

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“The laws will bring Hong Kong into line with the mainland”

Protesters will be extradited to mainland China under the new law.

That would terrify me too, go to organ harvesting camp, go directly to organ harvesting camp.

China moves to end Hong Kong’s autonomy

* Tackle secession, subversion, terrorism, foreign interference

* Set up Beijing Intelligence Agencies in the city

* “Improve” one country, two systems style of governance

Hong Kong lawmaker mourns ‘end of homeland’ as China mulls anti-protest law


Businesses fear the worst for Hong Kong’s future


China to Allow State-Security Agents to Police Hong Kong

A new detail in the proposed national-security law would allow state security bodies to operate officially in the semiautonomous city


China Dares Trump to Hit Back With Hong Kong Power Grab





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