HORRIFYING VIDEO Shows “Child Protection” Officials Chasing, Tackling, Removing 12-Yr-Old Boy From Home Because His Parents Are Homeschooling Him

What should have been a happy homecoming to Norway for Leif Kristiansen and his family turned into a parent’s worst nightmare when Barnevernet (Norway’s child welfare agency) brutally took custody of 12-year-old Kai after his parents started homeschooling him.
Kai, a Canadian child living in Norway, was tackled and held face down in the snow by child welfare services investigators and police officers. The boy had been ordered into state custody because his family chose to homeschool him.
You can stand with Kai’s family by signing our petition and supporting HSLDA’s Homeschool Freedom Fund at www.hslda.org/FreeKai. Join us to demand justice for Kai and to acknowledge that homeschooling is not a legitimate reason to forcibly remove a child from a family.

You must take the brainwashing those who write the texts want you to believe… and forget about some parts.