House Budget Chair Yarmuth: $3.5 Trillion in Spending ‘Is Pretty Inconsequential’ – ‘Government Can Afford Anything’

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On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) said that $3.5 trillion in spending under the reconciliation bill “is pretty inconsequential when you consider all the benefits to the American people,” and “The federal government can afford anything that it feels it needs to do.”

Yarmuth said Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) “has no understanding of how the federal government monetary system works. When he compared it yesterday to his household income, that has no relevance to what we can do. It’s not a question of what we can afford. The federal government can afford anything that it feels it needs to do. And right now, that’s what we ought to be focused on.”

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The GOP will attempt “to suppress votes on steroids” and aim to provide “legislatures the power to basically throw out elections if they don’t go their way,” Clinton claimed, saying that they desire the ability “to win even if they lose the popular vote and they legitimately lose the electoral college.”

Asked if she would nix the filibuster, Clinton said “yes, absolutely,” claiming that the GOP “does not respect the rule of law, does not even respect the process unless it works for them, you know, witness what they did to Merrick Garland when President Obama had every right to appoint a Supreme Court justice…”

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