We do indeed have the worst ruling class in our country’s history: bought off by China, contemptuous of its citizens, and intent on imposing their will on the rest of us, at any cost.

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YES, THAT’S ABSOLUTELY WHAT WE NEED WHEN WE’RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE TERRIFIED OF THIS FOREIGN VIRUS. YOU’RE RIGHT:  COVID-19: Democrats demand end to border wall construction and migrant detention, calling for illegals to walk free.

(Do I need to point out I’m being sarcastic?)

WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICAN WORKERS? The Pelosi Recession: Democratic obstruction will cause untold economic damage.

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LET THEM EAT ICE-CREAM:  Payroll Protection Program out of money as Nancy Pelosi still demands additional unrelated spending.

Tim Pool: Democrats Obstructed Stimulus, Holding Us Hostage For Ideological Gain, And Now People Are Suffering

Democrats Obstructed Stimulus, Holding Us Hostage For Ideological Gain, And Now People Are Suffering. Last week Republicans tried to add 250 billion dollars to small business relief but the Democrats obstructed the bill for ideological reasons.

Democrats completely agreed with Republicans on the need for more aid to small business but demanded several new provisions including some social justice requirements.

Becuase of this delay the Paycheck protection program has now run out of money and Democrats say they don’t plan to reconvene until May.

This means we can expect more unemployment in the coming weeks, more people going hungry.

Why would Democrats do this? To hurt Trump? Maybe they think more unemployment will hurt his reelection chances.

At any rate it seems absurd Democrats would block a bill they supported especially during an emergency in an effort to get ideological provisions added.

Nancy Pelosi really triggered this lady

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