House Passes Extremist Gun Control Law

by Chris Black

The entire GOP strategy with everything is “let’s try to do something that is just a little bit less bad than what the Democrats are trying to do.”

Obviously, this isn’t going to go through in the Senate.

But it’s still a pretty scary thing to have it sail through the House like this.

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The Constitution doesn’t stutter: any single person in the United States has an inalienable right to walk into any gun store in any city or town in America and buy any gun they want with cash and not a single question asked.


Furthermore: manufacturers should not be compelled to put serial numbers on any part of a gun, and if the manufacturer decides for whatever reason that they want to do that, any citizen should have a right to file it off.

On the issue of gun control, just as with every other issue involving our rights, the GOP are negotiating with terrorists and they are losing, badly.


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