Why Is Inflation Suddenly a Big Topic?

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by Chris Black

I mean, we had inflation since the (((Federal Reserve))) came into being  back in 1913.

The US Dollar lost something like 97% of its purchasing power since.

So why is inflation such a big deal now?

The goal of the current round of inflation is to rid the world of independent small business.

By the end of the summer there won’t be a single owner operator trucking company left, leaving only large corporate conglomerates.

The real goal is to only have trucks for Amazon and Walmart driving around the country.

The push for $15 was only done to make $15 an hour an unlivable wage.

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Coupled with massive inflation in rent, home prices, and energy, even $30 an hour doesn’t get it done.

This is a plan to push for UBI and government controlled housing and food programs, or, to put it differently, USSR style socialism.

You will own nothing and be happy.

If you want it the way it was, we’ll make it impossible to afford.

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