House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Rence Priebus aware that the Billy Bush audio tape was coming weeks ago!!

Rhino Republicans Call for Donald Trump to Step Aside
XGood evening, I’m still reporting on the unholy alliance between RINOs like Paul Ryan and the Clinton campaign.
Today, Republican elected officials and party elders denounced Donald Trump’s “open mic” recording concerning lewd comments made about women in 2005 on the set of a soap opera.
Some sitting members in Congress withdrew their support from Trump entirely, while others criticized the remarks, but stuck with Trump – their standard-bearer.
Some even suggested that Trump step aside so that his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence could lead the ticket.
But then, at mid-morning, DC Whispers put up a story that Clinton operatives, working with the Washington Post made both House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Rence Priebus aware that the Billy Bush audio tape was coming weeks ago, but they failed to notify the Trump campaign, making them complicit with Team Clinton in maximizing harm to Trump’s chances.
Let’s turn to Beth now for the update to this story.
We have suspected such a hidden alliance all along. We knew that Paul Ryan was a Democrat wannabe whose Pro-Life stance compelled him to be a Republican, however, in truth, he is the definition of a RINO (Republican In Name Only).
Ryan has been against Trump from the very beginning. We called it then, and this information just reinforces what we have said all along.
Ryan is part of a group of global elites in Washington made up of both Republicans and Democrats who like the status quo and will do anything to keep it, even throw away American sovereignty.
They are making money; gaining power and can not afford to lose their lofty positions when a President Trump comes to town and starts shaking things up.
These Republicans and Democrats make backroom deals, in which they shake hands in secret, yet in public appear to fight each other.
They do exactly as Hillary’s leaked speeches talk about; have a very different public policy from their private policy.
Paul Ryan and others have wanted to take Trump down this entire campaign. They have sabotaged him at every turn.
From the beginning they said, Trump will not be the nominee, not because they thought we would not vote for him, but because they were confident in their ability to beat him.
They can not afford to be exposed for who and what they are, and will do whatever it takes to thwart his campaign even if it means the death of America.
They are willing to let Hillary Clinton – the most corrupt, evil politician in this nation’s history – bring this country to its knees rather than give up their piece of the pie.
These jackals knew the Trump “open mic” tapes were being released, and instead of giving the Trump campaign a heads up to prepare, they did nothing.
What kind of team players sit back and allow a member of their team be blind-sided by this disclosure? Perhaps the same people who protected the Congressional pedophile, Dennis Hastert for decades.
I am more troubled by the actions of these traitorous men then I am by Trump’s conversation on the set of a soap opera. Locker room talk is not uncommon for men or women. Men love to exaggerate their exploits and talk about their sexual prowess.
Women do the same thing, they just don’t admit it.
The worst thing about this to me personally is the hypocrisy of these Christian men and women who want to pretend that this kind of thing bothers their Christian sensibilities.
Give me a break! When are the people of God going to get off their high horse and admit that we have all fallen short of the Glory of God?
Jesus did not condemn the woman found guilty of adultery, he told her to go and sin no more. The people Jesus did call out were the saints with rocks in hand ready to stone her.
The anger of Jesus was vented on the hypocritical spiritual leaders of the day. Just like when he made a whip to get the moneychangers out of the temple, and called them a brood of vipers.
The Bible says in Proverbs 6: 16 – 19
“There are six things, which the Lord hates, Yes, seven that are an abomination to Him:
– Haughty eyes
– A lying tongue
– A heart that devises wicked plans

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20 thoughts on “House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Rence Priebus aware that the Billy Bush audio tape was coming weeks ago!!”

  1. The repub establishment was complicit with Hillary’s people in this as accessories before and after the fact. So many estab repugs coming out within hours unendorsing Trump and telling him to resign in favor of neocon warmonger Pence was NO accident.


      • Don’t forget Hanoi John. You can bet one Little Red Book that the treasonous shithead has also known for weeks, and his little “righteous indignation” act is a complete fake.

  2. This is amazing!!!! This is guy talk, no one has come forward to say it actually happened to them! This is standard men conversation when guys get together…and usually lie!
    NO ONE EVER SEEMS TO GET AROUND TO COMMENTING ON THE CONTENT OF HILLARY”S EMAILS!!!! This is current, not something said off the cuff over ten years ago!!!!!

    • “This proves, as we’ve constantly been saying, that Trump lies about everything. That’s worse than if he had actually acted on it.”
      — Your average Hitlery troll

  3. There ARE puppetmasters who are pulling the strings for members of both the Republican And Democratic parties… I would love to see THOSE emails. Exposing a concerted effort from both sides of the aisle might be the only thing that can save him. The Establishment needs him to step down… I wounder how far they’re willing to go to make this happen. Trump should be VERY careful who he takes advice from in the next couple of weeks. Why isn’t anyone tapping into AIPAC’s emails??

    Recall that hillary defends and remains loyal and married to a rapist.. BENGHAZI, PAY TO PLAY, 33k illegally deleted emails, perjury to congress, missing 6 billion dollars a the state dept, laughs about getting a rapist “of a 12 yr old girl charges dismissed, Lied to the gold star families about a film being responsible for the death of their loved ones and then calls them liars, has openly and consistently said she will bomb Syria, threatens to bomb iran and russia, DO YOU REMEMBER LIBYA?? How about Syria? she’s really good at created DEATH!
    Is there really any comparison between something that was allegedly said over a decade ago and her ongoing CRIME WAVE??
    Remember the head of the fbi admitted under oath that hillary lied to congress which under 18 USC 1001 is a felony!
    Hillary admitted under oath in a congressional hearing that she destroyed government documents which under 18 USC 793(f) is at least 33k felonies!

  5. If you don’t want “AMERICA FIRST” , GET OUT of America.
    When Trump is attacked for stating he will put “AMERICA FIRST” he is being attacked by Fifth Columnist TRAITORS who do not want America to be FIRST in the hearts of the Government and the Citizens ..

  6. Priebus and Ryan should join the Democratic party, really, that’s where they belong.
    President Trump will get rid of their asses, that’s for sure.
    No good, lying politicians!
    Trump all the way!

  7. How many “Men Of God” that God called to do something for Him were “perfect”? Was Abraham? Was Noah? Was David? No man God chose to do HIS work was perfect. None except Jesus. So let’s not get overly excited about a few naughty words.
    Trump expressed a few testosterone filled words to another male. THEY WERE NOT ACTED ON! How did it come about that Trumps words were so much worse than what Bill AND Hillary did to women? Give us a break people! Have we all gone CRAZY?
    Hillary is EVIL. By now we all pretty much KNOW most of the HORRIBLE things she has done. How in the world has ANYONE that has as much CORRUPTION and EVIL as Hillary gotten as far as she has? It’s like we all have been blindfolded. She CANNOT become President!
    EVERY DAY we ALL should be posting ALL the reasons she should NOT be running for the Presidency. Post on our FB pages and on our Groups pages, but even more than that post on the MEDIAS pages. On Any page you can think of that will get out the message. Do ANYTHING you think might help Trump win. AND VOTE! So VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT! VOTE!

  8. Simon Keph (aka Peter) was a man of rough speech at times. He was a fisherman and had to clean up his act. But he used rough speech and cursed when he denied Yahushua the messiah.
    I’m not fond of cursing at all, but Trump’s cursing in talking to another man is something that I have heard before. So this is not surprising to me. I doubt that it’s the real reason for the Repubs to turn away from him anyway. It’s that they want to have the TPP and the climate stuff that they voted for, plus the immigration issue. Those guys forgot that we voted them in, but they will not work for us. Let’s don’t forget, they are working for us, or supposed to be. And do not trust the fraudulent polls at all. It is rigged.


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