Household Injuries on the Rise Due to Remote Work, New Study Shows

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Is your work-from-home setup causing a pain in your neck during the pandemic? You wouldn’t be suffering alone. 

A new Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy reveals 26 percent of respondents reported a household injury between March and June 2020. That’s up by 12 percent from a similar survey conducted in 2017. 

People are hurting themselves at a higher rate because of how they’re spending their time indoors. Stuck at home, people are finally taking on dangerous DIY renovations. Some launch new fitness routines, while others stop exercising altogether. And for those who work from home, they’re toiling away at kitchen tables, couches, and even beds that cause pain.  

Is Your Workstation Hurting You?

At first, a comfy spot on the couch might be a welcome change to your usual cubicle. But the novelty of your stay-at-home setup wears off at the first twinge in your back. 

Your couch was never designed as a place where you sit for eight hours a day, hunched over your computer. 

The same goes for the dining room chair your commandeered for your 9 to 5 — or the bed you don’t roll out of in the morning. Although your mattress may promise a good night’s sleep, it doesn’t provide the right back support for your work hours. 

What to Do if You’re Injured

If your back has started to hurt since you began working from home, you might be able to troubleshoot pain on your own with stretching videos that help relieve acute pain. 

But you can’t always fix backache with a simple twist. In serious situations, you may be dealing with a slipped disk or pinched nerve. These severe injuries need attention from a doctor. 

Admittedly, a trip to the clinic could come with a big bill. Between x-rays and MRIs to physiotherapy and drugs, your treatment adds up. 

Don’t let their sticker shock prevent you from getting the help you need. If you don’t have adequate healthcare insurance or an emergency fund for these unexpected medical expenses, an online installment loan might help. 

Online installment loans are convenient alternatives to fast payday loans online. They have an application that takes minutes to fill out, and they’re available even if you have bad credit, just like the typical direct payday loans. However, they come with longer terms that help you juggle your repayment. 

How to Protect Yourself from a Bad Workplace Setup

Of course, prevention is better than the cure, so you should invest in an ergonomic workstation that doesn’t put pressure on your joints. 

Ideally, you can purchase a new desk and chair with your safety in mind, but if you’ve had to rely on installment loans online, you probably don’t have the spare change to buy new furniture. 

Luckily, you can retrofit your existing workspace by making a couple of adjustments. Make sure you can fit your lower body comfortably under your desk. Whether it’s the kitchen or coffee table, your mouse and keyboard should rest at elbow height when you’re seated. 

These subtle changes to your workspace can have a significant impact on your comfort. So be mindful of where you work now that you’re staying at home. It can help you avoid injuring yourself for as long as you work from home.  


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