Housing Begins to Crash – Australia – New Zealand – London

by Martin Armstrong

Property values are starting to crash hard in Sydney Australia, New Zealand, and London. Politicians are simply idiots. They all targeted foreigners buying property as the leading cause for the rise in housing prices. What they failed to grasp is that people spend more money when they THINK they have equity in their home. Whenever housing starts to decline, so does consumer spending and guess what – you get the economi9c downturn. Dah!

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4 thoughts on “Housing Begins to Crash – Australia – New Zealand – London”

  1. London seems to me a very bad place to live and/or invest now with all the no-go zones, acid attacks, etc. And yes, politicians are proving themselves to be idiots on daily basis. One could almost believe that they are being controlled as puppets on a string by malevolent space entities.

  2. If property prices were a reflection of what people earn, higher prices would be a good thing – It means a stable and buoyant work environment and steady wage increases. However, property prices are not a reflection of what people earn, they’re a reflection of how much people are willing to spend – PER MONTH for housing. This is the reason prices are out-of-this-world, an artificially low interest rate policy and bank stimulus have given us the ability to buy more and more expensive houses. This is classic bubble and it’s been pumped up steadily since the early 2000’s – it will end badly

    • Truth is the locals have been brainwashed by the media and chose the wrong path by copying the Chinese. The Chinese only wanted to “clean” their laundered money so the Chinese were willing to lose half their money as the ongoing rate for cleaning laundered money around the world is 50 percent. I think in the end the blame will be placed on the Chinese as the locals were just victimized.

  3. It’s common knowledge the Chinese have stopped buying in Australia and New Zealand, worst many Chinese are now selling driving prices down and down and down and down and down and down and down. A lot of locals will soon learn about how ponzi’s end that I can tell you. Londoners know the jig is up as most English people figure things out fast enough. For some reason the daft Canadian have yet to figure it out. I must say it’s always good to see the Chinese lose all their money over and over and over and over and over and over again in each ponzi they create.


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