Housing Bubbles Ready To BURST Throughout The US! – Markets Are OVERHEATING!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the massively overheated housing bubbles throughout the United States.
From Las Vegas to Washington, DC, the markets are becoming incredibly overheated and we can thank central banks, banks and government for that. The level of manipulation is extraordinary and it’s going to lead to an epic crash as the bubbles burst simultaneously.
According to CoreLogic, half of the 50 largest housing markets are overvalued. The CoreLogic Home Price Index was up 7% in September compared with the same period last year.
Las Vegas’ year over year home price index increased 9.7%!
Denver, Colorado saw an 8.4% increase while Los Angeles came in third with a 7.1% increase.
Out of the 100 largest U.S. markets based on housing stock, 36% are overvalued!
Banks are doing exactly what they did in 2007. We’re seeing an increase in collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), credit default swaps, mortgage backed securities and we see an incredibly dangerous level of centralization by the government, banks and of course the Federal Reserve.
This is all happening as people rush out of the stock market while people with no foreknowledge of these trends celebrate over highs in the stock market. The US dollar is ready to crash at any time, though fundamentals are completely off the table, so there’s no saying when, we just know it will indeed happen.
Still, they build and build.
Allthewhile, individuals who have no knowledge of the housing market watch TV shows about people fixing up houses and selling them for more and they unknowingly walk into an overvalued market and risk everything.
We are seeing these overvalued markets on a global scale. It’s not just a US thing. Toronto and Vancouver, Canada are seeing incredibly overvalued markets. So is London, England. Then there’s Oslo, Norway. Sydney and Perth, Australia. We see a crisis building up in Iceland and the list goes on.
In fact this hardly covers the true extent of what’s happening just in the United States with Seattle’s housing market out of control. Same with San Francisco.
Long story short, it’s time people educate themselves on the fundamentals of the markets. It’s time people stop seeing their houses as an asset. It’s only an asset once you’ve sold. The risky attitude of so many is what lead to countless people’s lives being ruined in 2007 and it will happen again, just at a far more epic scale.
There are many places that are good to buy. Places that can expand at the same time as have demand to feed off of, but people should be incredibly weary of this market. In our opinion anyways.

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