Houston facing ‘apocalyptic’ July 4… Newsom warns of Re-Lock…LA mayor urges residents to stay home…MODEL: Phoenix could see 28,000 new infections a DAY!

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MAG: World putting America in quarantine…
Houston facing ‘apocalyptic’ July 4…

(Bloomberg) — Houston’s Covid-19 outbreak is accelerating at an exponential pace that will swamp the fourth-largest U.S. city’s medical infrastructure by the Independence Day holiday, less than two weeks away, a leading disease specialist warned.

Even as Houston-area intensive-care wards approach full capacity, the worst is yet to come because of “the huge amount of transmission going on in our community,” Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said in an interview Thursday.

How Arizona lost control of the epidemic…

PHOENIX – A drive-up testing site equipped for several hundred people in West Phoenix was swarmed on Saturday by about 1,000 people, leaving some baking in their cars for hours.

A nearby testing station has already reached capacity for this weekend, appointments vanishing within minutes. Hospitals are filling up. Restaurants are again shutting down, more than a month after Arizona reopened its economy under the mantra “Return Stronger.”

Arizona has emerged as an epicenter of the early summer’s coronavirus crisis as the outbreak has metastasized, flaring across new parts of the country and, notably, infecting more young people.

MODEL: Phoenix could see 28,000 new infections a DAY!

  • Data map, compiled by spatial analytics company Esri, shows 23% of US counties are seeing an uncontrollable growth in new COVID-19 infections
  • Of the 3,141 counties across the country, 745 are currently experiencing an epidemic outbreak and 1,232 are seeing spreading trends, according to the data map
  • Infections across the US have been surging for more than a week after trending down for over six weeks 
  • New coronavirus infections and hospitalizations have been spiking to record levels in states like Arizona, Texas, California and Florida 
  • As cases continue to rise, forecast models from the PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia predict infections in Phoenix will rise to a staggering 28,000 new cases a day by July 18 
  • Trump has repeatedly said the number of cases is going up due to what he describes as ‘great testing’ 
  • Public health officials, however, say it only accounts for some of the increases as people continue to relax social distancing measures and states slowly reopen
  • Data from the White House’s taskforce team shows cases are surging in states like Arizona and Texas 
  • In California, cases have surged nearly 70 percent in just two days. The state reported over 7,100 new cases on Wednesday, up from 4,230 on Sunday
  • Los Angeles County now has the most cases of all US counties with more than 85,000 confirmed infections 
  • Florida’s single-day count surged to 5,500 on Wednesday – a 25% jump from the record of 4,049 on June 20
  • In Texas, hospitalizations have doubled and new cases have tripled in two weeks 

Alabama ICU beds 82% full…
Task force tracking big spikes…
Newsom Warns of Re-Lock…

TORRANCE (CBSLA) — Just as businesses across the state are beginning to reopen, Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning of another shutdown if current coronavirus numbers don’t improve.

“We have the capacity and ability to toggle back in terms of the stay-at-home order,” he said during a press conference on Thursday.

California’s hospitalization rates for COVID-19 have been steadily increasing. Currently, 4,240 people with coronavirus occupy hospital beds, which is a 32 percent increase from two weeks ago. Intensive care units are seeing 1,306 people with the virus, up 19 percent over the last two weeks.

LA mayor urges residents to stay home…

LOS ANGELES — Amid record-setting spikes in newly confirmed coronavirus infections, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti urged Angelenos to continue staying home as much as possible — even as the region’s economy gradually emerges from its pandemic-induced coma.

During a briefing Wednesday, Garcetti shared four major takeaways: “One, COVID-19 is still here. Two, COVID-19 is still dangerous. Three, we’re adding more testing to make sure that we can find COVID-19 where it lives. And, four, we must continue to take precautions to keep our city and our people safe.

“That’s why wearing a face covering, that’s why practicing physical distancing, washing our hands and, yes, still, as painful as it might feel, staying at home whenever we can is our best defense,” he said.

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