How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals – and How They LOST!

by Thinker

This short, MIND-BLOWING video should be watched by EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT in the country, so they’ll FINALLY realize that Hillary Clinton and her minions are ‘THIS CLOSE’ to being arrested and charged with Treason – and a host of other provable crimes agains the United States. Straightforward and to the point, including MOUNDS of proofs that even the most ardent Democrat supporter cannot ignore. BUCKLE UP, you’re in for a ride that many of you don’t want to take, but that you MUST take in order to prepare yourself for what is getting ready to happen to your Dem party (HINT: It’s going DOWN!). Thanks to @_ImperatorRex_ and @StormIsUponUs (both on Twitter) for this great video! ~

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