How An Army of Pissed-Off Moms Are Single-Handedly Destroying The Left’s Marxist Plot

God bless these women!!! They may save the western world yet!

The reality is that CRT is creating a generation of radicalized political zombies.

And this is why American mothers are mad as hell and fighting back — and thankfully, this army of pissed-off Mama bears are winning the war against this demonic left-wing ideology that’s being used as a weapon of mass destruction against their children.

And it’s not just white moms or conservative moms who are fighting this demonic mind-control — it’s mothers from all walks of life, races, religion, and political backgrounds… and that’s what makes this movement so incredibly powerful.

Fighting Critical Race Theory could be the one thing that bridges the gap and unites this county. That’s how evil and dangerous it is.

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A perfect example of that widespread effort is Keisha King, a black mom from Florida who blasted CRT as “racist” during a school board meeting.

Ms. King argued that CRT is racist because it not only divides the nation into two groups: oppressed and oppressor, but she believes CRT also seeks to further victimize blacks while demonizing whites.



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