“How Apple updates slow your old iPhone down, pushing you towards a new iPhone.”-A 4 year review in the gullibility of the masses

by alonelycuteboy


Take a look at this thread from 4 years ago-one of the most controversially listed threads in r/technology. People seem to have some kind of stockholm syndrome when it comes to massive technological and pharmaceutical corporations-the same corporations they heavily criticize (Apple, Comcast, pharmaceuticals, etc)-yet they turn around and treat them like gods.

An example is mandatory vaccination-people are unable to comprehend that vaccines are made by the same greedy amoral companies that brought us the opioid crisis, which leaves so much room for human rights abuses (not to mention ignoring dangerous side effects.

And when it comes to greedy tech companies and planned obsolescence, “Oh they’d never try to trick us or screw us out of our money”.

Look at the comments in that thread I linked. All the top comments call it “absurd” or a “conspiracy”. And then look here 3 years later: old.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/7ldqzm/apple_being_sued_for_purposefully_slowing_down/

Right now the same thing is happening with the removal of headphone jacks. People are so braindead and gullible it’s hilarious.


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