How can the MSM and Big tech be running the out of context, and clearly fabricated Giuliani, Borat story, yet remain silent on #LaptopFromHell?

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Looking at Twitter there seems to be a plethora of news outlets running the totally out of context and fabricated Giuliani story, but they have all remained so silent about a factual story of corruption involving the Bidens. This is clearly aimed at influencing the election and quite alarming for journalism and democracy itself.

‘BORAT’ Sequel Captures Rudy on Film Flirting with ‘Russian Reporter’ in Hotel Bedroom…

‘Seen reaching into his trousers and apparently touching his genitals’…

Far Left MotherJones Reporter Has Watched the Rudy Giuliani
Borat Scene, Here’s What They Saw

GIULIANI: I was tucking in my shirt…



h/t  madethistosaythat


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