How can you negotiate a show with Tucker Carlson then appoint a WEF official as the CEO of Twitter?

by UniversalSurvivalist

The entire system is rigged, if I see people larping after someone in the ‘spotlight’ it’s an instant block, they’re ‘illuminated’ for a reason and it’s not for YOUR benefit

“The kind that we don’t really need at this time. If this plays out … then one thing it’s clear. You really don’t know who’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing anymore.”

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It’s so blatantly obvious now, they’re all in on it, keeping you fooled is their job!!

CDN media

Either Elon Musk Thinks We’re Stupid or the WEF Controls Him

Is Elon Musk stupid? No. But for a guy who tends to make all the right moves, he certainly stepped in a pile of globalist dung by hiring Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter. She may be qualified. She may be smart. She may have all the right skills to get Twitter to be as profitable as possible. But there are five words attached to her that will paint the company as a globalist organization that America First patriots cannot trust.

“World Economic Forum Executive Chair.”

Since it’s well established that Musk isn’t stupid, that leaves only two possible conclusions. Either he thinks we’re stupid and so hooked on his platform that we won’t be skeptical of a high ranking member of a purely evil organization running the show… or he’s compromised and under the control of Klaus Schwab et al.


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