How Dare They! Bill And Melinda Gates Worried That President Trump's "America First" Policy Will Stop Aid To Foreign Countries!

by Pamela Williams
I have felt my anger building all day, as I am so concerned about what President Trump is up against. He is trying to do the right thing for the American people, but someone is always standing in his way. For instance, General Flynn resigned due to – do we really know? Flynn at least wanted to put America first, too. Trump wanted to avoid war with Russia, but he was pushed to appoint Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor. He is a war hawk, who is against Russia. If he takes us to war with Russia, President Trump will be blamed…see what I mean.
Bottom line: The removal of Flynn has convinced Trump that powerful elements within the national security state have him in their crosshairs. As a result, Trump has relinquished control of foreign policy and handed the whole mess over to gladiator McMaster who will coordinate with Sec-Def General James Mattis on a new strategy to deploy US troops to East Syria and West Iraq to establish a permanent military presence in “occupied” Sunnistan. (The area will also be used for natural gas pipeline corridors connecting Qatar to the EU) The strategy in Ukraine will focus primarily on luring Russia into a long and resource-draining war that will further depress the ailing Russian economy precipitating political instability, social unrest and regime change. That is the hope at least, that Russia’s wars abroad will lead to the ousting of Vladimir Putin.
Here are a few clips from a presentation McMaster gave at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on May 4, 2016. They help to clarify the man’s ominous world view:
“…what I’d really like to talk to you about is (the) period we’re in right now, a period of increasing risks…risks to our nation, to our allies, and really all of humanity……….
globally – the situation in connection with U.S. vital interests and security – .. is changing really in a direction that’s going to raise additional challenges to the U.S. and U.S. national security…. what we’re seeing is a shift in geopolitics in a way that imposes great dangers and has elevated the risk of a major international military crisis to the highest level in the last 70 years. A number of scholars are writing about this – Jakub Grygiel and Wess Mitchell in particular in their great recent book “Unquiet Frontier,” where they describe revisionist powers, Russia and China in particular on the Eurasian landmass, that are surrounded by weak states which are now becoming battlegrounds, areas of competition at the far reaches of American power.” (“Harbingers of Future War: Implications for the Army with Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster”, The Center for Strategic and International Studies).
Next we have Paul Ryan doing everything he can to counteract Trump’s tax cuts, and, again, if Trump cannot beat Ryan and his gang to do what is right for America, he will be blamed.  It is a scenario that Trump is facing every way he turns.  He must be so tired.
NOW, we have Bill and Melinda Gates so worried about President Trump’s AMERICA FIRST policy.  They fear instead of sending all our taxpayer money to foreign countries, he might keep it here for the American people. Can you imagine?  How dare they!  The Microsoft cofounder and his wife Melinda have expressed their concerns as President Donald Trump’s America First policy takes full swing and as Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May takes the helm.  It looks like America and  Britain both might prosper for a change, but Gates only wants to use both Countries for their charities in places like Africa. God helps those who help themselves, and it is time that America and Britain do just that.
Bill and Melinda wrote a letter to the Trump Administration in an attempt to convince President Trump foreign countries need his help more than America does.  With the America First policy, Bill Gates is worried that promises, such as to bring affordable HIV drugs to people, might not be delivered. He is hoping that Trump was convinced during their recent meeting but is pessimistic if he was able to get the message across that the United States has an important role in keeping healthy and stable Third World countries.
“The budget is particularly tight, people are talking about increasing defense (spending), lowering taxes, interest costs will be higher,” he says. “So when you look at it mathematically you say, ‘Will the saving of millions of lives for less than $100 a year of drugs, will the U.S. continue to do that?’ It’s not clear where we’re headed,” he said.
Trump’s global gag rule is seen as an attack to health care for women across the globe. It basically blocks U.S. funds to organizations involved in abortion advice and care in other countries.  I hate to be critical of helping other countries, but we have to help ourselves for a change.  We are suffering here, too!  We have those who cannot help themselves here, too, and it is getting worse all the time.

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Published on Feb 25, 2017

Eugenicist Bill Gates outraged over Trump’s Planned Parenthood cuts When President Donald Trump signed an executive order reinstating Mexico City Policy — defunding international abortion efforts, like those of Planned Parenthood — it garnered quite a lot of approval and many Americans were excited by the turning of the tide. When former president Barack Obama took office, he swiftly took action to overturn the policy, ensuring that international abortion businesses could receive federal funding.
Obama’s choice to repeal Mexico City Policy was not favorable among most Americans: a mere 35 percent approved of the action. That means a sound majority did not approve of it being revoked. And yet, our new president has been awash with criticism from the Left for his choice to support what most Americans believe in.
One of these critics is none other than Bill Gates, famous for Microsoft, infamous for his advocacy of global depopulation. According to Gates, reinstating Mexico City Policy will have catastrophic effects that will endanger the lives of millions of women and unborn children. Of course, given his penchant for reducing the world’s population, one must wonder if his intent is truly as altruistic as he tries to make it seem.
Life News suggests that millions more women and children are harmed or killed during abortion procedures, and notes that Gates’ concerns for these people are nothing short of ironic.
The executive order to revive Mexico City Policy merely prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion procedures and promotion overseas. The order does not, however, stop international aid for other health care and humanitarian causes. It simply stops the money from subsidizing abortions in other countries.
Gates and his wife Melinda have openly complained that the policy puts a stop to money flowing to the international division of Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International. He has even told The Guardian that the cessation of funds to these organizations could “create a void that even a foundation like ours can’t fill.”
“We’re concerned that this shift could impact millions of women and girls around the world. It’s likely to have a negative effect on a broad range of health programs that provide lifesaving treatment and prevention options to those most in need,” Melinda Gates commented. Melinda Gates went on to describe a host of health conditions not related to abortion that she believes will somehow be impacted by the cessation of government funds being given to abortion businesses. However, this assumption seems to neglect the fact that Planned Parenthood rarely provides anything other than abortions.
In a fine case of fear-mongering, Melinda Gates alleges that defunding international abortion will also put a stop to treatment and prevention of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis — which is simply untrue. Planned Parenthood does not offer standard medical care: they deal only with abortion-related care and provide contraceptives, according to the Planned Parenthood Global website. Marie Stopes International also strictly provides abortions, post-abortion care and contraception. These are not healthcare organizations — they are abortion outlets.
Melinda Gates does not outright say that these organizations provide actual health care, but she certainly alluded to it. And perpetuating a myth, such as the idea that abortion facilities will provide medical care for infectious diseases like malaria, shows how far they will go to push their agenda.


17 thoughts on “How Dare They! Bill And Melinda Gates Worried That President Trump's "America First" Policy Will Stop Aid To Foreign Countries!”

  1. Wait… I thought Bill and Melinda were the philanthropers, since Microsoft probably has more money than our country at hand???
    Now we find out it’s been our money all the time? …Wait a minute…

  2. WelL, Bill Gates and his wife can go over there all buy them selves and a couple suitcases of raw cash and give them. AMERICA FIRST ! To hell with the Globalists !!!! Also, NO MORE WAR WITH RUSSIA OR IRAN. Get to figuring out how to be PEACEFULL FOR A CHANGE. Draw up a PEACE AGREEMENT WITH RUSSIA, IRAN AND THE U.S..

    • I hate to have to tell you this, but Trump’s new National Security Advisor is chomping at the bit for war with Russia. At least General Flynn wanted to put America first, but General McMaster is a war hawk of the first degree.

  3. That thieving FAKE “christian” would not have a “charity” with $BILLION$ in it’s bank accounts if it were really a CHARITY.
    All that money would be spent in a year ……. Scumbag Gates is just TAX DODGING.
    America is dying from lack of economic activity, yet there are TAX-DODGING so-called trusts, foundation, endowments, sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars. They provide huge, steady, salaries to ‘trustees” who have NO interest in ending the Party. Government need to put “Mandatory Term Limits” on them. Make these Money Machines spend ALL that money in a certain amount of time. Things like the Ford Foundation should have been liquidated long ago, not live forever like some VAMPIRE. These Universties need to spend THEIR endowments, NOW, quit sucking the life out of the Students you are supposed to be educating.
    Every one of these Artificial Creations should be told “You have 5 years to empty your coffers, or the government takes it all”.
    They ARE VAMPIRES sucking life from the Workers who have to make up the taxes these UNDEAD MONSTERS do not pay.
    They are “social manipulators” illegally and immorally screwing around with society and harming living individuals. They should be sued out of existance.
    The fact that these charities are tax deductible means, in essence, billionaires are able to use tax subsidies for their own purposes, rather than democratically-identified priorities. Assuming a 28% marginal tax rate, it means that taxpayers contribute more than 1/4 of the funding.
    Take Zuckerberg’s much-vaunted $100 million gift to Newark schools. Even if we grant that the money went to a good cause (a dubious assertion at best, considering it was mostly intended to spur privatization and mostly went to consultants and charter schools), taxpayers kicked in $28 million of that gift. We had no say in how our money was used, and there are no doubt better ways to use $28 million of taxpayer funds for a failing school system.
    Similarly, in an era where funding for public infrastructure is being slashed and neglected, a billionaire may donate $200 million for an opera hall, used mostly by the wealthy. Bill to taxpayers: $56 million.
    Or, while tax-starved public universities are passing on huge tuition bills to poor and middle-class students, the Ivies are rolling in donation cash. Again, taxpayers are subsidizing 28% of these donations to already wealthy institutions, while many public universities receive less than 10% of their operating budget from tax subsidies. As with so many other areas, those who need it least receive the most benefit.
    These artificial entities are a large part of what is messing up our society, KILL THEM.

  4. still waiting for anyone to show us all where within the body of the federal constitution it authorizes the US government to STEAL from Americans via taxation, and to then take those stolen monies and give them away to any foreign anything!!! I can’t find the authority for this THEFT!


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