How gradual has monetary tightening been?

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Rising Rates Fan Equity Fears Over $14 Trillion of Company Debt

Bloomberg3 hours ago

Over the past decade, non-financial corporate debt worldwide has swelled 68 percent to $14 trillion, according to Sanford C. Bernstein. As economic growth ..

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Gold to replace US Treasuries as the ‘ultimate risk-off asset’ – strategist

RT28 minutes ago
According to Deluard, “the speculation around Russian and Chinese central banks buying up gold and selling US Treasuries” is another significant aspect to …

Junk Bonds Aren’t Going to Save You

Bloomberg5 hours ago
In 2001, high-yield debt even rallied. … bonds are so illiquid relative to public equities that investors have a hard time noticing that risks are starting to bubble up.

How much interest does US pay on its massive debt pile? RT’s Keiser …

RT36 minutes ago
Despite the 30-year decline in interest rates, US debt has been climbing almost exponentially faster with the latest budget deficit swelling by nearly a trillion …


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