How I’m playing Brexit

by optionshoppin

Boris Johnson has stated that if no deal is reached by Oct. 31st then no-deal brexit is happening. There are analysts saying no deal brexit would tank the British economy in ways almost at 2008 recession levels. some reading material

I found an ETF with high volume, volume over a million today already.

Analyst Report: EWU offers investors exposure to the European market of the United Kingdom by investing in securities that trade on the national stock exchange of the nation. Since many of the large caps in this fund are likely to be found in other EFA holdings, the fund is not appropriate for investors seeking broad diversification across Europe.

For investors looking for high levels of exposure to the British market in particular, EWU is probably the best ‘pure play’ option available.

Options are relatively cheap, though the option volume is relatively low. For people that are out of the loop on forex, this is probably the best way to play brexit without play the pound sterling itself. All the currency ETF’s have far too low of volume.

source info on ETF

Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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