How is this any different then Bengazi? Democrat Mayors/Governors telling police to stand down.

Ain’t this the truth? ARRRRGH! Totally ass backwards. Those elected are suppose to protect their constituents not use a mob to attack them destroying property and their businesses. How many people have died due to this anti-American insurgent behavior?

These officials are aiding, abeting and protecting the enemy (lawless domestic terrorists). How is something like this even possible?

And the big issue, the elephant in the room, Obama’s 8 years of lawlessness in government where corruption was rewarded with promotions and illegal kickbacks.

Anarchists. They’re all bloody anarchists out to destroy the US from within by ignoring the ‘rule of law’ and promoting criminality.

In multiple cities across the United States, a peculiar thing is happening.

Liberal mayors are allowing lawless rioters to do whatever they want, while law abiding citizens are stuck in their homes. In Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities, the mayors actually seem to be siding with the rioters and telling police to stand down.

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This is unfair to their peaceful, tax-paying citizens.

Meanwhile, Fifteen Democratic mayors have signed a letter addressed to Trump administration officials demanding the removal of federal agents from their cities or the cessation of impending deployments.

The mayors and cities named should come as no surprise: Portland, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver, San Jose, Oakland, Phoenix, Tucson, Sacramento, Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, and Kansas City, Missouri. Some have become the epicenter of protests that have devolved into riots, anarchy, looting, vandalism, and cowardly attacks on law enforcement.

The letter charges, “federal law enforcement is being deployed for political purposes.”

Pure insanity. They’re insane, every last one of them. Normal people do not aid and abet the enemy (domestic terrorists destroying public property and committing acts of violence against others including the police.) I hope Trump sends in the National Guard next to round these insurgents up and drag them off to Federal prison.



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