How It All Connects, Highlights of Q Map

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The Patriot Hour according to the Trump/Swamp map, Trump is connected to the swamp, new world order. Not sure how much Faith I can put in these maps. One thing I know with confidence as truth, the eagle (USA) will assist the women (Israel) in the last world war against the new world order. If we are part of it, then that goes against the biblical prophecy and against what Q is saying.

Mark Lombardy was an artist from Austin. He drew information “maps” composed mostly of bank scandals, money laundering, and the connections to those responsible. Lombardy connected them like dots! Unfortunately, Lombardy was Arkancided in 2000, just prior to the widely anticipated NYC art exhibit which was to be his “big break”. Just before the exhibit’s opening, Lombardy was found hanging in his studio …with a bottle of champagne nearby. Lombardy had been an investigative journalist prior to focusing upon “information art” as his medium. This unique art is actually quite beautiful, in a weird way. Admirers of Lombardy’s art still discuss his work, his life, and his untimely death. I encourage you to see it for yourself as it contains many of the same names found in your current research, including “Keating” and “Stephens” mentioned in your recent shows! I hope you enjoy the art! The Medium article has the best images..a rare find, as most Lombardy limited art pieces were purchased for private collections, immediately following his tragic death:

h/t NotStarvingActress