How Long Will The Imminent Economic Collapse 2020 Stock Market Crash Last

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In our modern society, the majority of the people do not understand what the economic collapse of a nation is. Most of us believe in some false assumptions on what a nation or an empire’s collapse looks like. This is synonymous with typical modern day Americans who have never seen such an event and over the years, they have been experiencing only peripheral stock market crashes and crises. Because of Hollywood, most of the people still deluded to believe that economic collapse will happen overnight. It is shocking that most Americans believe that collapse cannot happen during their time and even if it would happen, they expect a replica of what they see in Hollywood movies; they think that they would wake up one morning and find the whole world on fire.
However, this is not the case based on what history has shown. A collapse of a nation is a slow process followed by a series of events and an economic collapse can take many years.

This is not to nullify the fact that there are regular moments of shock and awe; certainly, we have them. The 2008 crisis and stock market crash is an example of these shocks where economic bubbles are artificially propelled up before they pop. Previously we have seen the central bank intervening on these events and history shows that the window for manipulation is always around ten years between these economic shocks. For average people, a decade might seem like a long time but for the elite behind the degradation of our economy, a decade is just a blink of an eye.

In the meantime, economic collapse warning signals are imminent. Analysts who are aware of the situation are trying to warn the populace on the underlying decay of the system and where this artificially baked system will lead us to. Great economists like Luding Von Mises foresaw the collapses of the German Mark and predicted the great depression and no one listened to him until it was too late. This has repeated itself lately in 2008 where many economists predicted the financial crisis and derivatives crash and no one listened until it was too late to take any actions. Most people simply ignored it because they took things normally and did not accept the facts presented in front of them…

What our society is experiencing today is the beginning of a new stock market crash and can lead to a phase of collapse of our way of life. The economic boom narrative among the conservatives is a trick designed to make everyone complacent. The bubble that we warned about under the Obama administration has been propelled under Trump’s administration. Nothing has changed in ten years since the 2008 market crash except that the motivation to keep any crash hidden is quickly disappearing.

In conclusion, stock market crashes are inevitable in any nation but economic collapse only happens when the public remains unprepared and ignorant. We can say that our civilization and values are under attack but can only be destroyed if we stay apathetic to this threat and refuse to take necessary actions to neutralize it. We must adopt a decentralization system as a way of creating localized and self sufficient economies as well as the adoption of a localized production structure. On top of this, we also have to prepare for any eventualities. The fate of the US economy has already been sealed but the few greedy people who are trying to destroy it before they force everyone into a bad situation. Always remember that we are living in the midst of an epoch moment and the outcome of the economic collapse will depend on how we react to the current economic threats. This will not be done by the next generation but reforms have to take place in our time.


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