How Mainstream Media Deceives The Masses with Ben Swann

Josh Sigurdson talks with Ben Swann of Truth In Media and Reality Check in San Diego, California during Libertopia about the history of mainstream media deception. Ben breaks down some of the many reasons why the mainstream media cannot be trusted, explaining the lies people have been fed about countless major stories especially stemming from the early 2000s, but not counting out the past actions of the CIA with programs like Operation Mockingbird.
Mr. Swann also explains that many independent medias are similar to mainstream media in the fact that they look for clicks and money rather than truth.
Confirmation bias is certainly a huge part of the problem that we as individuals face in our search for truth and independent thought.
With the problems explained, Ben goes into the solutions. The responsibilities an independent reporter or journalist faces and how they could lead people towards truth rather than identity.
Ben also talks about how incredibly innovative cryptocurrencies like Dash are as they change the media landscape.
All this and more!

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