How many dual citizens are in Congress? The FBI? Weird how nobody tracks this…

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by SleepNowMyThrowaway

A man cannot serve two masters.

So how many dual passport holders are there in the US at the Federal level and state level?

Why, exactly, is it tolerated? If you’re going to work for the US you should be required to surrender your other passport and citizenship, and renounce them.

And yet this isn’t required and it’s not even tracked

Strange, right?

“The Congressional Research Service (CRS) maintains a detailed personal profile on each Member of Congress that includes age, political party, past occupations, education, religion, gender, ethnicity and military service.”

“If CRS would simply add “citizenship” to its list of profile categories, Americans could better judge where their representatives are coming from when they take a public stand on a foreign policy issue affecting a country where they have a citizenship tie. Such exposure would also help eliminate corrupting conflicts of interest.”




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