How much money will it take to sway the vote of an illegal to take the choice the deep state want? – WSJ: Soros shelling out $500M for migrants

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by Thinker

How many hold dual citizenship??? Illegals who the Obama/Clinton administration put before and in front of every Veteran and homeless American??? The words, actions, and vote of U.S. politicians are showing the people who is standing for a United America, and who will use their vote to divide America. Every alternative journalists and American should look into the history of those who voted to put illegals on the voting rosters, and they will probably find more than they imagined.

Wake-up Americans…Trump “Drain the Swamp” is exposing those who conspire to take away the Freedom, Liberty, and Justice of being an American!!! Giving a nation away to the illegals over citizens for money, power, and control…who sold their soul???

Democrats are the Anti-America Party of Lawlessness.

Congressional resolutions are not laws. They are not legislative in character, but are statements of intent or declarations used primarily to express principles, facts, opinions, and purposes. When Congress seeks to pass a law, it uses either a bill or a joint resolution, which must be passed by both houses in identical form, and then presented to the president for approval or disapproval. A resolution by the House of Representatives, therefore, is neither a bill nor a joint resolution, but instead is simply a declaration to express some principle, fact, opinion, or purpose.

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Last Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018, only 49 House Democrats voted “Yes” on a resolution ( H. Res. 1071) expressing disapproval of non-citizen illegal aliens voting in U.S. elections, which is a criminal act. 71 Democrats outright voted “No”; 69 Democrats took the cowardly way out by answering “Present”; 4 Democrats refused to take a stance by not voting. In effect, 144 Democrats refused to agree with the resolution that it is wrong for illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.

House Resolution 1071, sponsored by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), states the following:

Recognizing that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the:…-elections

How much money will it take to sway the vote of an illegal (don’t give a damn about America) to take the choice the deep state want??? – WSJ: Soros shelling out $500M for migrants

Investor George Soros says in a WSJ op ed that he’s giving $500 million to help migrant refugees start businesses. FBN’s Ashley Webster with more. History is exposing those who are anti-American by their actions and words…who hates the business owners that are American and changing it???

Should voters be concerned about machines linked to Soros?

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Former Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey sounds off about the balloting equipment provided by a company tied to the billionaire.

Trump: Democrats put illegal immigrants ahead of US citizens

Hannity: Democrats Putting Illegal Immigrants Before the American People

The immigration scandal is validation of conspiracy against the people and Veterans of the United States of America, to rob them of freedom, land, and liberty. Greed and politicians who sold out their nation for new cars and homes are now being exposed in the Donald Trump “Drain the Swamp” campaign to “Make America Great Again.” Americans are waking up to the shock and awe of the men and women from every political party, Hollywood, and major corporations who have gone all out to bring down the sitting president of the United States.

Now with midterm elections coming, desperation is setting in and those who have everything to lose like Manafort are scrambling to stop the Trump efforts to bring the “TRUTH” and “TRANSPARENCY” to the American people. Refugees around the world by way of Obama/Clinton wars for power and the “Bush” nwo rule of law???


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