How Philadelphia Wastes Taxpayer Dollars 101

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by Jim Quinn

To say the city of Philadelphia is a clusterfuck run by corrupt idiots would be an insult to clusterfucks and idiots everywhere. The Democrat scum who have run this city into the ground over the last 70 years of complete control, pay no price for their incompetence, corruption and fucking over of the taxpayers.

The building pictured below is on my 30 Blocks of Squalor route. I passed it today. It’s an enormous structure that has been under renovation for years. The loss is far more than the $42 million reported. If they bought it for $52 million and are selling it for $10 million, they surely used city union labor for the last 5 years racking up millions more in renovation costs.

Now Mayor Kenney and his cronies get a bribe to put the police headquarters in some other building at a low low price of only $280 million, so this brilliant idea from the previous lowlife Democrat mayor is just put to rest. Meanwhile, the streets around both police headquarters locations are littered with gun shell casings, garbage, homeless deviants, potholes and exploding water pipes. Do you think $50 or $60 million could have been used in a better way?

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And who gets fucked over? The taxpayers who will vote these worthless pieces of shit back into office every 4 years. How fucked up is that?


Philly to come out $42 million behind in sale of jilted police HQ property

Philly to come out $42 million behind in sale of jilted police HQ property

Philadelphia is poised to take a hit of more than $42 million in its sale of the former Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. building after abandoning plans to locate the city’s police headquarters there.

The city is under contract to sell the historic West Philadelphia property for $10 million after paying more than $52 million to buy it and begin renovating it for use by the Police Department, the Philadelphia Tribune newspaper reported last week.

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Philadelphia-based Iron Stone Real Estate Partners was selected by the cityto develop the site at 46th and Market Streets based on its plan to transform the 325,000-square-foot insurance company building into a public health and community service center.

Potential tenants include Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia medical offices and a YMCA-operated daycare center, Iron Stone representatives have said.

City spokesman Paul Chrystie said in an email to the Tribune that bidding on the property had been “is in line with the value identified” by two independent appraisals.

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A bill authorizing the sale has been voted out of City Council’s Public Property and Public Works committee and could be introduced to the full Council this week, with a vote potentially coming before the end of the month, the Tribune reported.

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, whose district includes the site, said that she believed plans for the site were unfolding without sufficient input from her office and its constituents, and that she may vote against the sale, according to the Tribune.

The Provident Mutual building’s namesake occupant moved out in 1983. City Council approved plans under then-Mayor Nutter in 2014 for its conversion into a police headquarters to replace the force’s current home in the dated four-story concrete building at 750 Race St. known as the Roundhouse.

Those plans were abandoned about three years later during the Kenney administration, when the city said it would instead seek to move the Police Department into the former Inquirer building at 400 N. Broad St. The department is expected to be in its new home by spring 2020 at an expense of $280.3 million.


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