How Q4 2018 played out in case you have forgotten…

by mark000


FOMC in September not dovish
ATH in first week of October
Powell says many more rate hikes to come at some interview, market wants no more hikes
6 sessions after ATH we were -6%ATH
9 weeks later (December 13) we were still only -8%ATH after lots of funtimes on the stock market roller coaster
Then 4 days later was Dec’18 FOMC and we closed at -13%ATH
FOMC failed to be dovish enough, and 3 sessions later we saw -20%ATH
Bottom was in because around then the FFF priced out all rate hikes for 2019, within a week the Fed confirmed as much and the all clear was official.

Similarities to today:
ATH in late July
Then FOMC not dovish enough
9 sessions later -5%ATH


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