How Tech Journalism Turned Against Technology…

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Facebook wants you to join them on the Metaverse. The Metaverse is the company’s Next Big Thing, and where they see the internet going: an online world of total wraparound experience, a lot more like the Lawnmower Man version than what we have now. They released a statement this week earmarking some $50 million towards this Next Big Thing. But the money is not yet going to the coders.

For now, it goes to the likes of ‘Women In Immersive Tech‘, a company aiming to ‘support women and underrepresented groups working in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors in Europe’. The University of Hong Kong has been asked for a study on ‘safety, ethics and responsible design’. At the same time the National University of Singapore will be given money for a study on ‘privacy and data use’.

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