How technology is helping businesses with their HR

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Technology has streamlined so many aspects of our lives, particularly in how businesses operate, but one area that is still overlooked is HR. HR teams deal with so much of the inner workings of a company and businesses can benefits enormously from digitising areas of their HR processes. From data storage and reporting to recruitment and managing mundane tasks, these are just a few of the ways that an online HR system can help businesses manage their HR systems. 




Before the internet, finding new candidates meant contact through telephones, letters or in person. But technology has made the process of seeking out new talent much easier, both through posting opportunities and tracking applicants digitally. This frees up a lot of time for HR professionals who would ordinarily have to carry out these tasks manually. It also makes it easier for HR departments to store applicant data so it’s easier to find in the future. From sourcing applicants to managing the hiring process through to employee onboarding and appraisals, every step of recruitment is made easier and more efficient with the help of technology. 


Easy Communication


Email, text and messaging apps have made it easier than ever for HR staff to keep in touch with members of the company, from senior members of staff to entire teams at once. For example, if a manager wants to share a new schedule with a team, it’s as easy as sending an email with an attachment or updating a conversation on Slack and everyone is kept up to speed. This technology also makes it easier for people to work remotely and to work from other locations without missing out on key details. 


Data Analysis


Analysing employee performance data is critical in assessing staff and developing learning programmes, but technology makes it much easier to gather and break down this data to gain an overall picture. Similarly, when it comes to making decisions about the business, having easy access to reports and information that is reliable means that decisions can be made more easily for a smoother evaluation process. Good HR practices involve not just knowing how much data is available but also how much should be gathered, which technology can assist with. 


Greater Security


With GDPR regulations as well as the risk of confidential data being hacked and stolen, security is incredibly important in any business. While HR departments would have once stored this information in paper form, locked away in filing cabinets, technology has made security much more reliable and less open to risk. From encrypted data to firewalls and password authentication, HR departments can now rely on software to protect confidential information and vulnerable data, ensuring that only those who require access can reach it. Technology also means that businesses are compliant with rulings on how information is stored and managed, making it easy to provide evidence of which processes and systems are in place to protect customers and staff alike. 



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