How the Rich Get Richer!

by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: You always support the rich and never see what they do to the rest of us.


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ANSWER: You simply believe the propaganda of governments. The rich get richer by INVESTING in assets. They list Bill Gates among the top in the world. Do you really think one gets rich by making more per hour than the next guy? Wealth is created through assets – not wages. The NUMBER ONEsuppressor of the people is all governments. I worked hard trying to get Social Security reformed and privatized when the Dow was 1,000 instead of 100% government bonds. I gave up. There are too many pension funds that are restricted to buying government bonds.

It is not the rich that prevent others from investing. It is always the government. If you really add up what you pay in property taxes each year and subtract that from the value of your home, you will quickly see that you probably lost money. When you sell the house, they do not count the taxes paid for decades as part of the cost.

Wealth is created by INVESTMENT – not buying bonds and certainly not by wages. Who prevents the average person from investing? It’s not Bill Gates.


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