How The Soviet Union Won The Cold War

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by Daniel Carter
After World War II, the victors began a mission to mold the world in their own image. However, the images of the United States and the Soviet Union, the two most powerful and influential countries after WWII, were the antithesis of each other. The United States was intent on spreading the principals of personal freedom and democracy, while the Soviet Union was intent on spreading the principals of Marxism/Communism. The differences between the two powerful countries led to the military standoff known as the Cold War.
The Cold War started in 1947 and ended when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The Cold War was a time that struck fear into Soviet citizens, US citizens and many other people around the world. The world had just been introduced to the astonishing power of nuclear weapons when the US essentially erased Nagasaki and Hiroshima from the earth at the end of WWII. With the Soviets and the US heavily armed with these new instruments of mass destruction, the world sat anxiously, never quite knowing if the two nations would set off a chain reaction that would annihilate life on earth.
As we now know, the moment of all out nuclear warfare never came. The Cold War never turned hot. However, that does not mean the countries weren’t successful in spreading their ideology. It is abundantly clear how successful the US was in their efforts. The United States has built the most powerful empire the world has ever known. Their influence in the world is unparalleled, and their hundreds of military bases around the world (shown below) prove it. The next most powerful country in the world today, China, just opened their first overseas military base in Djibouti.   

(Source: 5W Infographics)
At first glance, the United States appears to have won their competition with the Soviet Union. However, the Soviets discovered a weapon even more powerful than nuclear arms; a weapon that is still being used today, even though the Soviet Union no longer exists. Their “not so secret” weapon was their ideology itself. Much of the Eastern world, especially the USSR, experienced firsthand how powerfully corrosive and influential the idea of Marxism/Communism was. Marxism is an idea that can be planted on the grassroots level of a society that eventually transforms the society into a top-down dictatorship. In other words, the best way to gain control and influence over another society is to simply plant the idea of Marxism.
The ideological subversion the Soviets used against the US and other countries was not fast, loud and decisive. It is a slow-moving process that eventually leads to a total transformation into a full-fledged communist society. As history suggests, a communist society is also a society that self-destructs. It is an ideology that is responsible for the most mass murder and authoritarianism in history. The Soviets realized it was their greatest weapon and willfully spread it to the US.
Below is a video of KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, explaining how the Soviet Union slowly and methodically used the communist ideology against the US. It’s 13 minutes long, but it’s well worth watching the entire video.

Communist ideals first contaminated the US education system. Now those ideals have spread through the media, government, Hollywood, the business world and society at large. The US system won the short-term battle but the Soviets appear to be winning the war from beyond the grave. Just in case anyone still doubts the effectiveness of the Soviet Union’s ideological subversion, I’ll leave you with this video:


4 thoughts on “How The Soviet Union Won The Cold War

  1. I have a somewhat different take on what happened to take us where we are now.
    After WW2, the CIA imported Nazi specialists — including their propaganda masters — to run key offices here, in order to get hold of their skills in those areas. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact.
    Then the Nazi propaganda specialists imported into the CIA did their job – and took over control of key positions in the US media. This, too, is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact.
    The alleged “end” of Operation Mockingbird claimed in the Wikipedia article is Fake News though – even some CIA assets in the media today admit to what they are.
    During the first Iraq war, they extended the CIA control of the media with “embedded reporters” essentially under the control of the Pentagon.
    And not only did the Nazis take over the “news” media, they also took over the entertainment media.
    This allowed the Nazis and their key supporters, such as the Bush family ( ), to enter the highest offices and cement Nazi control over the entire country.
    The Bushs and the Clintons are one and the same crime family even according to their own words ( ).
    Clearly, this country has been under the control of Nazi, not Soviet, tyranny for quite some time.
    Nazism and Soviet-style communism are similar in many ways (total control, surveillance state, little tolerance for alternative opinions) – so it’s an easy mistake to make — but where they actually differ (Nazi: Giant corporations run the government, Soviet: Government runs giant corporations; Nazi: Expansionist, Soviet: Mostly content with keeping control over their territory), it is visible which faction is running this country.
    Of course there is some Soviet influence as well (Nazi propagandists have never been shy about stealing their enemies’ ideas where it helps them), and some good people are being incited to do bad things with Soviet ideology (“Trump [who is very much influenced by Neocon Nazis, but not one of their key people] is a NAZI! Install [the real Nazi] Clinton instead!”).
    But the main faction running the USA today is a bunch of Nazis, from Nazi Bush to Nazi-collaborator George Soros to Nazi Clinton.

    • maybe but the old NAZI where some tough dudes, this crew of fagots and perverts can’t FIGHT only STEAL and ignorantly LIE! They ARE NOT SMART enough to rule this nation, MAGA proved it. IF MAGA FAILS NOW they will DIE in the THOUSANDS in the civil war that follows on for many YEARS.
      The real QUESTION here is HOW the Russians WILL RUN the USA after they KICK OUR sick cowardly BUTTS?

      • If the USSR is any indication, the Russians tend to run countries they “colonize” much like their own…
        Which at the moment would be a step forward from what the Bush/Clinton duopoly is doing. But not quite where I’d like to see things…

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