How to do a Currency Reset – In 5 Easy Steps

by UnidentifiedTarget


Currency resets are done on purpose so the Money Changers can keep their scams going by acquiring assets by providing no value. Once they gain the assets, then they gain unlimited power.

How to do a currency reset in 5 simple steps:

  1. Create false demand of your currency – by winning a major [scripted] war
  2. Oversupply the currency, so even more people are reliant on your currency system
  3. Debase the currency through interest rates and inflation
  4. Remove asset backing and replace it with ‘faith’ backing
  5. Destroy the ‘faith’ of the users of your currency

The ‘full faith of the US Government’, which backs the $ currency system, is systemically being destroyed, with the help of the media. You break the faith, both domestically and internationally, you break the faith-backed currency.

Everything that is happening is designed to eventually support a massive and global currency resent, led by the US.

Trump might be an intentional key ingredient for this currency-reset process, or is truly a nationalist resisting the global crime syndicate – the international money changers. I don’t know yet.