How to Get EXTRA MONEY for Prepping

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by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper

Lots of us WANT to prep hardcore. We want to stock up on more food, buy solar gadgets, and create a top-notch medical kit. But this stuff all costs money, and life takes up nearly every penny most of us earn. This leaves the big question: how do you get extra money for prepping?

If your budget is already stretched to the max but you still want to prep, the key is to make some extra money that is earmarked JUST for your preps. But, how?

Todd Sepulveda of Prepper Website fame has the answer.

His new book is called The Preparedness Community’s Guide to A Micro Biz and Increasing Your Finances and it’s something every prepper with a hankering to spend more money than they have on supplies should read.

This PDF book walks you through the important steps to creating a microbusiness that will bring in the extra money you need. It provides business ideas and one of them is bound to appeal to just about every reader.

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But that isn’t even the best part!

Todd has created a forum to go along with the book. And it’s a special one. He writes:

When you purchase Micro Biz, you are also purchasing access to a specially created forum where preppers can talk about their business ideas, get advice and encouragement, find and share resources, all to grow their business, so they can change their financial outlook. (source)

So not only will you have a bunch of great ideas, you’ll also have the support you need to make your new microbusiness a reality!

What are you waiting for? The extra money you’ve been waiting for could be yours when you order this book.

And, you’ll be supporting one of the best sources for prepper information around.

Basically, everyone who preps is a subscriber to Prepper Website. It’s Todd’s labor of love, providing links every single day to all of the best articles for preppers and self-reliant folks. No one has done more for this community. He provides this information without charging us a dime, and I know for a fact how much money it costs to fund an operation like this.

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A website owner has to pay for:

  • Hosting
  • A newsletter service
  • Website themes

And a whole lot more. Running a website isn’t cheap. There are loads of recurring costs. So remember, with your purchase, you’ll also be supporting Prepper Website so Todd can keep doing what he’s doing.

So, in one easy step, you can

Support prepper website

Learn how to bring in extra money for preps

Join a like-minded community that will support you in your business endeavors

Ready? Go here to make your purchase. Prices start at a mere $6.95.


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