How to Invest in SwissBorg, the market-disrupting wealth management solution

As the world moves increasingly online, ICOs (initial coin offerings) are becoming an increasingly appealing investment option for forward-thinkers. SwissBorg is offering a new option for crypto investors, and presenting individuals, financial services experts, and other DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) an innovative wealth management solution.
What Is SwissBorg?
In a nutshell, SwissBorg describes itself as a cryptographic financial ecosystem that respects the fundamental values of the blockchain: fairness, accessibility, transparency and trust. It provides financial management solutions for crypto currencies in a digital context, with community and meritocracy at its heart. Whether you’re an individual looking to manage your own portfolio of crypto assets, or looking to delegate the management of your portfolio to a financial advisor or investment manager, SwissBorg is a viable option worth consideration. Those working in the financial services industry can also look to SwissBorg to provide innovative and exciting investment opportunities for a digital world.
How Do I Invest in SwissBorg?
SB Cryptallion Token
The SB Cryptallion token is SwissBorg’s first product – a multi strategy token hedge fund with the aim of achieving sustainable absolute returns in cryptocurrencies. It employs a multi-strategy approach to maintain a lower level of volatility and risk. Investors receive a quarterly return as a share of 50% of the fund’s performance. Of the remaining 50%, 40% is reinvested in the fund, and 10% is distributed to the SwissBorg network. Transparency of fund results is a key feature of SwissBorg, for investor peace of mind.
SwissBorg CHSB Token
Invest in SwissBorg itself with the SwissBorg CHSB token, which allows you to become a community member of SwissBorg, playing a part in digital disruption for the wealth management industry. Investment in SwissBorg is an investment in one of the few ICOs that brings together wealth management services and blockchain technology, building a future-proof solution for individuals, financial services experts and DAOs.
As a CHSB token holder you’ll be given a vote on technical project development, as well as receiving a network revenue share.
What are the Benefits of Investing in SwissBorg?
Offchain meets Onchain
SwissBorg positions itself as an offchain meets onchain investment solution, offering the best of both worlds to its community members.  It’s intended to brigde the gap between traditional financial services solutions and decentralised digital innovation.
Community values are at the heart of SwissBorg, with members getting the chance to contribute to the development of SwissBorg, and being rewarded accordingly. It describes itself as a true meritocracy that’s accessible to everyone.
Smart Contracts
SwissBorg ‘Smart Mandates’ form an investment contract powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology. By combining cryptography and digitalisation, SwissBorg can offer increased accessibility and customisation. Each SwissBorg client will have his own Smart Mandate to allow the successful configuration of their banking requirements and investment strategies, and transparent collaboration with financial advisors.
Tailor-made Solutions
SwissBorg offers crypto asset services that are unique and tailor-made to each individual investor.
Swarm Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence
SwissBorg brings together swarm intelligence with automation and AI optimisation to achieve the highest level of trading governance and strategy.
The Swiss are well-known for their focus on reliability, precision and forward-thinking. SwissBorg aims to emulate this ethos, bringing the Swiss model of integrity to a global community.
If you’re interested in a revolutionary crypto currency investment solution, consider the SwissBorg cryptallion and CHSB tokens. These best of breed investment opportunities are available to everyone, ensuring a truly community-centric approach by an exciting new crypto investment services innovator.