The “Russian Bots” Theory is Pure Idiocy – Here’s Why!

by Mark Angelides

Across the globe, any events or elections that are made by the people exercising their democratic rights and free will are being questioned (in terms of legitimacy) with the allegation that they were cheated and lied to by “Russian Bots” and “Russian employed posters.” But there is a major point that everyone is missing. And that is that people in Russia know how to use a basic computer!
Imagine for a moment that you are one of these “Russian trolls” that works for the Kremlin. You have been hired because of your computer and English skills to create a web of lies and manipulation that will bring Western democracy crashing down. Question one: Would you use your home computer?
There is a simple thing known as a VPN (virtual private network) that is freely available for purchase in every country that has a working internet system (I personally have even bought one in China with its Great Firewall). They are not expensive, and they take about three minutes to purchase, set up and begin using. At the touch of a button, you can switch your IP address to any number of countries, therby avoiding firewalls and national restrictions. Was this simple measure beyond the capabilities of the entire Russian government?
Let’s be fair. The Russians are at least as far ahead in terms of computers as other Western nations, why would they choose to send out their “narrative” from apartment blocks in Moscow’s suburbs? And be assured, they have far more impressive software than the basic VPN you or I can buy online for $30.
Or are we expected to believe that this was a simple precaution the entire apparatus of the former Soviet state overlooked.
It could of course show that the American government traced and tracked back through various servers the trail of the Russians, and found that the posts emanated in Russia. But then why would the Russians not suggest that they too were being used as part of a chain? As of now, they are merely claiming it was nothing to do with them.
Could this be just another excuse to try and isolate and denigrate those that don’t believe Hillary should have won? Or that Britain should have remained in the EU? Ask yourself which is more likely. That the Russians don’t know how to use computers, or our governments want to push us towards a Globalist agenda?

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1 thought on “The “Russian Bots” Theory is Pure Idiocy – Here’s Why!”

  1. On top of that, even if it were true, would that really change the outcome of the election?
    All Republicans are Nazis! And everyone who runs against Clinton in a Dem Primary is a Communist! And all theories about any Clinton wrongdoing are crazy conspiracy theorist kooks! Let’s pray to our beloved God-Empress Hillary!
    Did I just convince anyone to support Hitlery’s 2020 run? Didn’t think so…


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