How to Make a Fake News Article

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by tsukeisawa
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I want you to pay attention to all the anti-trump articles out there and you will notice that they all follow the same pattern. At the end of this piece I will also be making an article that you could say is “fake news” but you can never tell as I will not reveal my unnamed sources. You just have to trust what I am saying is true.
There are two parts to any fake news article. The first paragraph will be the unnamed source. This is when the “journalist” claims that he has a special anonymous source that will only reveal these details to him and that he will protect unto death. The journalist then attributes a quote or two to the source and gives some sort of vague role to establish the credibility of the source.
And that’s it. That paragraph was actually the entire article. Everything that follows is just a rehash of everything else in the issue. Journalists then link to other journalists with unnamed sources in an orgy of cross posting meant to give credibility to each other post. The actual contribution of the journalist himself to the entire article is one paragraph sometimes even less. Speaking as someone who writes everyday nothing is harder than coming up with fresh new material on a daily basis. There are only so many topics you can explore. Fake news makes the job of the journalist much easier.
Up next is the article. Notice how I offer very little new content for the reader and rely on click bait headline.
Intelligence Community Uses Russia to Target Wikileaks!
An anonymous source very highly placed within the intelligence community has confirmed that the primary goal of the CIA and FBI in the Russian probe is to discredit Wikileaks. This has been verified by two other independent sources. Speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue our source said “Wikileaks has exposed our greatest secrets to the American public. Of course we want to take them down. It is hard enough doing our jobs with the public getting involved.”
Wikileaks was established in 2006 in Iceland by the Sunshine Press. Ever since they were founded they have been a thorn in the side of various intelligence communities worldwide. In 2008 they initially released files regarding the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. These files including some very graphic photos sparked outrage among citizens worldwide and prompted several congressional investigations as to the treatment of the prisoners.
In 2010 Wikileaks published documents by leaker Chelsea Manning regarding the conduct of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which caused intelligence agencies to go under public scrutiny. In the same year Wikileaks also released US diplomatic documents regarding political maneuverings on climate change and other issues. The government of Tunisia itself was overthrown because of these leaks. In 2016 released emails from the Democratic party showing the corruption in the primary process which is being credited by the Clinton campaign as the primary reason for their loss. Most recently Wikileaks released Vault 7 which alleges among other things that the CIA has the technology to operate cars by remote control , which has been described by many as the perfect assassination tool.
Multiple high ranking officials including past and present heads of the CIA have publicly called for the extradition and trial of Julian Assange. Some more extreme ones have called for his execution. This animosity is by no means limited to Assange. Similar statements have been made against Edward Snowden. With all this animosity towards leakers is it any question that the intelligence agencies would be willing to lie to the public to destroy Wikileaks?


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